The Railway Girl

A normal girl on the rise in a world she doesn't know exists. She doesn't know what to do when there is devastation after their beloved king is brutally murdered. Will she settle peace between the reds and blacks?


2. On the way

11.11 am, and Charlotte is sitting on a train, she is wishing and waiting for change to happen. This is her tenth adoptive home, and the familiar frightened butterflies begin to dance in her stomach. She frowns and bites her lip. She is a very insecure girl, she doesn't know why none of the family's that adopt her get rid of her. They never have a valid excuse, they just abandon her, chuck her out. She was desperately hoping she'd belong here, to not be frightened to be herself. She puts on a constant act, being a cruel and harsh girl, who doesn't speak or smile. She's someone else. People don't speak to her, in the street they don't look at her, they avoid her. 
The forest surrounding her whizzed past in a green blur, the depths of green blending in, creating a surrounding of calm nothingness. Charlotte sat reading her favourite novel, wuthering heights, the copy so battered that on any page if you put it down it stayed open. Her favourite bag lay at her side, the contents spilling out. Her old blue iPod stuck out of the middle pocket, her retro can headphones glistening in the sun. Other little bits and pieces such as her favourite colour lipgloss and her diary sat in there. She put down the novel and sighed. She was worried.

As the train started to slow down she stood up stretching, she reached up to the overhead compartment and lifted her old suitcase down. She had so little clothes that it was feather weight, pulling the suitcase behind her she got off the train. Walking off towards the exit, she looked around curiously. The surroundings were mostly green trees and far off in the distance she could hear something like a lake or river. Overall this place was very peaceful, it unnerved Charlotte. Once she was outside she looked around for any sign of a car or someone who'd meet her. I boy around her age came up to her.

He was strong built with kind eyes, brown long hair and a somewhat dazzling smile. Charlotte gave him a once over glance with satisfaction, she smiled at him.

"Charlotte Clemencau?" his husky voice asked, he smiled knowingly at her, see he's seen her before and knows more than she thinks he does.

"Yes... Who are you?" she asked, her voice shaking under the weight of his intense stare.

"Lucas Grey, as a favour to my neighbour I offered to come meet you. He's busy with work right now, so if you'd like to follow me" he smiled at her, but he seemed in a rush of some sort.

Nodding slightly, she began to pull her suitcase behind her following the strange boy she had just met. He strolled in a way that reminded her of the stuck up pop-stars on TV, he had a smug smile on his face. 

She followed slowly, conscious that the stranger could be lying. He tried to talk to her and make her open up a bit, but she gave her famous glare which he winced in reply too. He got so annoying she decided to change tactics. She grinned and stalked past him, walking fast aware of Lucas's eyes staring into her back. She then realised that she didn't know where she was going, so slowed. She heard his regular, somewhat relaxing, foot steps coming, stop. 

"So..." she said, turning and placing her hand on her hip, "I don't know you, therefore I don't particularly trust you, but, I need your help"

He grinned "Well, I will take you where you need to go, and leave you alone, for one condition"

Wary, she replied "What's the condition...?" 

"You, me. Date..." he smiled.
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