You're The Only One I Need

4 girls: Erin, Kendra, Brooklyn, and Ashley want to travel the world. They just have graduated High-School, and they have always wanted to travel the world, and now they are. They are big fans of One Direction, and have been since they were on the X-Factor. What if they run into them while they're traveling? How will they stay together with a world tour, and 4 traveling girls? Find out in this book.


1. CALIFORNIA: Part 1!

Erin's POV:

Let me give you some background information: I'm 18, and I just graduated high-school 2 weeks ago, today.I live in New York City, and I have 3 best-friends by the names of Kendra, Ashley, and last but not least Brooklyn. They've been my best-friends since 3rd grade! Long time, right? Well, anyways it's always been our dream to travel the world once we got out of high-school. And now we're finally doing it! I have all my clothes and necessities packed. We all were  wealthy, so we had enough money to make it through this trip, and still be able to buy more things. I walked down to my car, and packed everything in the trunk. I took my iPhone out of my back pocket and dialed Brooklyn's number. "Hello?" She answered. "HEY BABE!" I yelled to her, making us both laugh. "Are you excited?!" She asked. "OF COURSE! I'VE WAITED MY WHOLE LIFE FOR THIS!" I screamed at her. "ME TOO! I'm going to be at your house in about 5 minutes with Kendra and Ashley!" She said. "Okay! I'm out by my car, so we can get your bags in the car, and go!" I said. "Yay! Okay, see ya!" She hung up. I leaned up against my car, when I heard a car coming to a stop. Kendra, Ashley and Brooklyn all climbed out, and handed the taxi driver some cash. They got their bags out, and I hit the trunk button on my keys so they could put their bags in there. I climbed in the drivers seat and started the car. "SHOT GUN!" Kendra yelled. She climbed into the passenger seat, while Brooklyn and Ashley got in the back seats. "LETS GO!" Ashley yelled, jumping up and down. "ANYONE WANT MUSIC?!" I yelled. "HEART ATTACK PLEEEEAAAAASE!" Kendra screamed. I put on Heart Attack by One Direction and we all started to sing along. We drove to the airport, and got onto the plane. We were flying first class this whole trip, so we were pretty comfortable. I decided I would go to sleep until we arrived at LAX, in about 6 hours. I looked over at the girls, and they were all trying to go to sleep. I hope this plane ride goes by fast.

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