Some people suffered this way in 9/11, this is a kind guess at what could have happened to someone. I fear it may be a little cheesy towards the end but oh well, enjoy :)


5. What is life without our loved ones, right till the very end


Managing to tear myself away, there was no getting away from the hysteria. As I shut my eyes and sank down to the floor I heard frantic footsteps tripping down the stairs, they stumbled and fumbled and tumbled until there was a thump and it was still once more. I began to gasp and took off my jacket and cardigan. It was getting really hot, I had to get fresh air. Heading for the air vent I yanked the shutter open, and out it came. It was sooty and gunky and choking and tar like, I coughed and heaved myself to the window. I pushed and pushed and when it opened, all the blackness was sucked out and away. But it was still hot. How else could I cool down? As I stood there thinking, it was then that I heard the true danger. And there it was, right behind me, knocking on my door. I swiveled round. In the corridor, fire was raging and crackling. It burned and consumed the walls and carpets, eating up the air and life, blocking my escape.

I was startled when the phone rang. This shouldn’t still be working should it? I hesitated and answered.

“Honey, how is it over there? You should have gone down the stairs when you could.” And there was my husband, still by his window. Fire was all around him, but he didn’t budge. He was alive and talking to me- just.

“Well it’s…. not great.” I glanced at the fire again; it was edging through the doorway now. It was taunting me, taking it slowly, scaring me before…

“It’s not great here either.” How was he so calm? I felt like I would have a melt down any second!

“Did you see….?”

“The bodies? Yeah. Darling I don’t think….”

“I know.” Our fate had been decided.

“Stay with me till the end. I know I won’t exactly be able to talk to you while I burn…” Why was I saying this? My husband could die any second. The fire around him was nearly catching on the sides of his desk. But, he shook his head and opened his window, the fire around him burned quicker at the extra source of oxygen. I opened mine and glancing once more behind me, the fire was nearly on my heals. We stood up on our desks.

“Darling I want you to know…”

“I love you. Together, all the way down, ok” His voice broke and he swallowed, looking steadily back at me. I didn’t dare look down. I let the phone fall to the floor, and the fire lapped it up, like a dog treat for a puppy. I grasped the sides of the window, he did the same. I stood on the edge of the window; stuck my foot out. He did the same. Then we reached for each other. The last thing I saw before I closed my eyes was my husbands face, but as I fell from the 70th floor, my body floated down and my heart returned back to Sky.



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