Some people suffered this way in 9/11, this is a kind guess at what could have happened to someone. I fear it may be a little cheesy towards the end but oh well, enjoy :)


2. The events that changed the future

It was like a daydream-the floor trembling and rumbling and shaking, gasps and shrieks surrounding me. When it stopped my colleges stared at each other with mirroring disbelief and confusion, we were in shock. There were angry footsteps approaching and there was a bang of the office door slamming open, a guard started switching off lights and gruffly replying to whoever was on the other end of the phone. Everybody in the office began gathering his or her possessions in a daze and scampering into the corridor. There was soon a raging, pushing, impatient crowd. Poking my head round the doorway I saw them banging and hammering on the lift doors at the end of the corridor. The doors looked hard and stubborn and without mercy, they just stayed shut and it was obvious they were going to. A few smarter people turned and fled down the stairs. What were they fleeing from? 

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