Some people suffered this way in 9/11, this is a kind guess at what could have happened to someone. I fear it may be a little cheesy towards the end but oh well, enjoy :)


1. That Day


I had reached the point in my life where my only purposes were to spend time with my husband and to work at the world trade centre.  For 9 simply happy years it had been like this, and that was all we were going to get after that day.

       It started like any other normal predictable day usually did; we woke up; we ate breakfast; we walked to work. The only time we weren’t within each other’s sights was when I went up the north tower and he went up the south. We had used our savings to bribe for a window desk each, this way we could look out across the expanse between our towers to see one another. Arriving on the 70th floor I glanced out of my window to see my husband smiling back at me. I logged on to my computer and started typing, the daily ritual set.

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