Some people suffered this way in 9/11, this is a kind guess at what could have happened to someone. I fear it may be a little cheesy towards the end but oh well, enjoy :)


3. My last phone call


I began to feel pressured and claustrophobic, I needed my world to turn upright again. Drunkenly shoving my way back to my desk I dialed the most memorable number I new. The phone rang once before my husband answered.

“Hello? Are you ok? I swear I saw the whole tower shift.” His reassuring voice was therapy to my madness.

“Darling, I’m so scared! Every one started running in a frenzy down the stairs, I think the lift broke…”

“Don’t worry, the Police have been called.” Even his eyes, though far away, had a soothing warmness about them. They said everything would be ok. I yearned to be whisked away with him, out of this cage. He sighed and began to speak. I felt like a child again, hanging on his every word like I would my father’s.

“Remember when Sky did her first dance show?” My daughter’s radiant smiling face bubbled up in my mind.

“She made us take at least three spare pairs of ballet shoes- just in case.” My husband smiled sharing my thoughts of our daughter tottering around in a titchy pink tutu.

“And you had to re-do her hair four times.” I chuckled remembering the ridiculous amount of hairspray we got through.

“And despite leaving early, we got lost and arrived late. When we finally got to the venue Sky was the star of the show!” Our little sunray, spinning and spinning right at the front; her smile was like a crescent moon, glowing and glowing.

A pearly tear trickled down my cheek as I added one more small prayer for our daughter, begging for an angel to make sure she was in a better place. Looking into my husband’s tired eyes I knew he was with me no matter how far away, but that was about to change. 

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