Some people suffered this way in 9/11, this is a kind guess at what could have happened to someone. I fear it may be a little cheesy towards the end but oh well, enjoy :)


4. Confirmation of our fate


I could do nothing but watch as a lone plane caught my attention, as it came closer a woman screamed and it went head first in a fiery inferno into the south tower. For a moment time stopped. If only not just for a moment.

Recovering, I looked around to find the woman that screamed, but there was no one. Where was the angry mob in the corridor? Where were my panic stricken colleges? I was alone. The woman that screamed was me. Searching the south tower, as much as I was able from where I was, I waited for husband to reappear. Like a hero from the wreckage he stood up. The plane had hit eight floors above him; he was ruffled, but ok. My shoulders relaxed back down again.

It was in that moment of relief that I felt it, something was happening. It was twisted and horribly awful, it was silent but deadly, it was torturing thousands. I was sure, and it was here. Where? It was like a fly, I couldn’t catch it but I was getting closer, and there it was. Out the corner of my eye I saw it, things tumbling past my window. They were big, probably wreckage from the upper floors of my tower. But getting closer to the glass I began to pick out features: limbs flailing, a shoe kicking, a tie flapping. A human being. It was sickening, I could see their faces, they were still alive! Had they fallen? Had they jumped? They were mesmerizing in a way, but alien. What brought them to this knife-edge? How, could this happen? With the sun silhouetting out their profile as they sailed down, I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t! Person after person fell. I felt like crying and giving up.

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