Fallow Doe

Found wandering alone the Scottish Highlands as a child, a group of deer her only company, Faren has always felt lost; longing to know her mysterious past but yerning for a future of her dreams.
When Faren turns 16 an adventure finally comes her way; the beautiful Lucere Circus comes to town. Running away from her orphanage with hopes of travel and wonder, Faren gets swept off her feet by the Circus life and the fiery Aidan Fehn. But through the magic lies dark secrets, that would finally reveal Faren's history, but how are the Circus connected? And can they be trusted?
As Faren's life unravels she's left more lost than when she started; can a young deer survive in a world of beasts?


4. Letting the plait fall loose,


Morning sunlight streamed through the French windows into the playroom, filling it with a warm glow. Speckled shadows danced across the back wall as light filtered through the towering trees at the end of the garden, and Clover stood back against it, closing her eyes as she bathed in the light. She could feel the shadows as they crossed her face, like bobbing boats on a gentle sea, or clouds drifting in a summer sky. It was like that feeling when you stretched right out in bed, curling your toes under and rolling your shoulders back as you slowly awoke. But Clover found the moment never lasted long enough, and if it wasn’t a blaring alarm clock ringing in her ear, it was Felix whining her name and shoving the house cat in her arms. Startled, she looked down at Marmalade dangling in her hands, the most mocking expression plastered on her feline face, as pee spurted out and all over Clover.

With a squeal she dropped Marmalade back into Felix’s arms, who then ran over to Poppy, as the cat merrily peed all over the rug. When presented with the cat she jumped back in horror, knocking over all the books she had been sorting on the shelf.

“Felix, no! Don’t let it cover the books!” But Felix was already clambering over the fallen mess across to Finella, who was trying to practice her piano over the noise. She turned around and her eyes widened as he was neared her side.

“Felix don’t you dare come anywhere near me with that cat!” She barked, but Felix was panicking, “Take it to the litter tray! The litter tray!”

“Winella!” Felix cried before shoving the cat at her. Finella screamed as the pee poured into her lap and she battled Felix, but then Marmalade leaped out of his arms and up onto the piano, and she watched in horror as urine dribbled all over the keys.

Felix stepped back as a silence gripped the room and Finella tensed, breathing deep and slow. He sensed her anger and that like a ticking bomb she could blow any second.

“Where’s Miss Starton?” Poppy stuttered, not wanting a fight to break out, “We just need some tissues...err, some, some detergent.”

Poppy and Clover looked nervously at each other as Felix tip toed up to Finella and slowly reached up to tap her shoulder. “Winella...sowwy.”

But Finella whipped round and stabbing at Felix’s chest shouted right into his terrified face.

“I stink of cat piss! Why can’t I have one minute of time for myself?! One minute of quiet?! A minute is all I ask!”

Felix slunk down to the floor at Poppy’s feet and hid his head in his hands. 


(Not finished yet! I've been very busy with exams, writing has been slow...but I thought I'd upload this anyway!)

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