my life story

this is a story about my life its all real but i will only do a day that i tink is intretsting!!


2. day 1

this was the worst day so far but i guess it will get worse and please dont comment on my spelling and grammer cause i really couldnt be dealing with it so please if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything. and you might not think this is real but i trust you it is!!

my day started of worse casue my best friend wasnt there and if she was we wouldnt be talking cause we had a falling out the night before (but its all good now!) and i didnt feel wanted. but it got better untill the last lesson of the day there is this boy infront of me called marcus he kept steeling my things and wouldont give it back so i just ignored him. then he started calling my friend fat and ugly and said he will spit on her grave so i said that isnt nice and she isnt fat or ugly everyone is pretty or handsome in their own way and if they are fat you should except them for who they are. but then he started saying to me ginge i hope you get cancer.

but then i felt like i was gonna cry cause my uncle died of cancer in october 2012 and just to hear that made me feel sick.

after that i just didnt speak at all and knew something was wron so he said did someone die of cancer and i said yeah my uncle but then you coud tell that he felt sorry for me but then he said im sorry i will hug you to make you feel better but i said no thanks but then he said that he will look after me!
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