Savannah Malik is Zayn Malik's 19 year old twin. She was there from the beginning, when Zayn was put together with the boys and became One Direction. She was there when they released Up All Night. She was there when they released their 2nd album, played at Madison Square Garden, and when they went to Ghana. But now, almost 3 years after meeting the boys, she realized that she has feelings for Harry.... But she knows that he only thinks of her like a sister.. Nothing more. but when Savannah and Harry are stuck together, their true feelings are reviled . Will Zayn be mad? Because he said that none of the guys were allowed to date his sister.... Will this forbidden love last??


1. Beginnings - Savannah's P.O.V.

*3 Years ago*

       "Boys, I would like you to meet my twin sister, Savannah." I step out from behind the door and walk into the room where my twin brother Zayn was waiting for me with his new friends. Zayn had just been put together with 4 other boys on X Factor, because they didn't get through being solo acts. They were put together and are now called One Direction.  "Hey guys." I say to them. "Introduce yourselves, boys." Zayn says to them.  One steps forward and sticks his hand out. He has beautiful blonde/brown hair and piercing blue eyes. His teeth are a little crooked but it makes him look cute. "Hi, I'm Niall and I love food." "Haha, nice to know Niall." I reply.  Another boy steps forward and also sticks his hand. He has light brown hair, it looks kinda like Justin Bieber's. "Hi, I'm Liam, this is my second time trying out for X Factor." "Cool. Nice to meet you Liam." Then a boy with a darker color of brown than Liam, steps forward and hugs me. When he's done hugging me, he steps back and says "I'm Louis. Nice to meet you Savannah." "Nice to meet you too Louis." I reply. Then, there is one boy left, but he doesn't step forward to introduce himself. "Hey, mate. Introduce yourself to my sister." Zayn says to him. The boy looks up and I almost passed out. He had the most beautifulest hair I had ever seen. His hair was dark brown, like chocolate and curled around his face. His eyes were so green and magical. His face was perfect in every way.  "Hi, I'm Harry." he says to me. It was short and kinda of rude but I swore that we would be best friends for life. "It was wonderful to meet all of you, but I must get ready for bed, I still have school tomorrow." I say to everyone. "Goodnight Savannah." the boys say. Zayn hugs and kisses me goodnight. I leave the room, but stand outside the door. "Dude, your sister is HOT!" I hear Harry say to my brother. "Harry, hands off. None of you are ever gonna date my sister, got it?" Zayn says to them. I heard them all say OK. I heard Zayn waking toward the door. Shit! I start to run to the stairs and run up them very fast. i reach my room and close the door. Whew. That was really close. I hear all the boys come up the stairs and go into their rooms. I get my pjs on and get into my bed. I dream of all the memories that we all would make as friends. I fall asleep with a smile on my lips.

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