Who are they?!

Hannah and Cassidy are two normal 14 year old girls. They both go to Kingston high school and have both been known for speaking their minds an not being shy .Everyone in school knows who they are! Cassidy has never been one for dating but when one teacher does things that are just unthinkable to her she looks for someone to comfort her. Hannah gets, 5 new handsome 18 year old boys that move in right beside her 2 weeks into the school year that just so happens to be the same time cassidy is moving in with Hannah. what happens after Cassidy and Hannah's parents go out for the night and get into a horrible accident that causes Cassidy and Hannah to have to stay with five boys named Liam,Harry,Niall,louis and Zayn? Read to find out!


1. First day of school

Hannah's POV:


It's the first day of high school an I seriously could not be any more nervous ,I mean yeah I'm outgoing an I'm not afraid of most people but that was when I was I'm middle school! An now I'm in high school it's a bit overwhelming . I wonder how Cassidy feels about it! Well I should probably tell you guys a bit about myself ! Well my name is Hannah obvi! I have blonde hair-straight my eyes are green! And I'm pretty tall but not like super tall or anything! Me an Cassidy have been friends since 2nd grade .Our parents have known each other for a while because both of our older brothers are friends, that sort of how we met!


Cassidy's POV:


Well I'm sure me and Hannah are both super excited but still really nervous about this huge change from being little middle schoolers to being in high school! Well I'm just a little shorter than Hannah and my hair is very long and brown!Everyone says they love my hair but I'm not sure why! I bet you already heard the whole story about how me and Hannah have been friends since 2nd grade and blah blah blah . Well I'm almost to school better text Hannah so we can walk in together.

Me:Hey I'm almost there where are youhh <3

Hannah: same I'm going past the corner store

Me: ok meet me by the flag pole!

Hannah: alright see you then bye babes <3

Me: bye babes


Hannah's POV:


As I get out of my moms car I see Cassidy two parking spots away so I walk over to her she is wearing a gray beanie and black skinny jeans with grey tons and a purple long sleeve top with floral lace on the back! "Hey babe" I say as I hold her bag while she puts her coat on"ready for our first day of high school" she says "as ready as I'll ever be haha"we walk to our home rooms luckily they are right beside each other! As I make my way into mine I see 11 kids but 16 seats an its not like my teacher teaches classes she is an extra teacher so the other rooms aren't over crowded! But back to the subject I'm pretty upset me and Cassidy aren't together but it's ok I'll meet new people no biggie! The teacher calls out our names once I sit down! "Cameron" "here" says a boy with short brown hair "Nicholas " "here" said a boy with blonde hair "Hannah ,Hannah" she says with an annoyed voice "oh here " I say great way to start annoy the teacher!


Cassidy's POV:


I really like my home room everyone seems so friendly ! I wonder how Hannah is ! I make conversation with this girl names lily! She seems super nice and very pretty she has blonde hair just like Hannah! She is really short though but why does it matter! When me and Hannah were little we always talked about me moving in with her ! My mom sad she had no problem with it but I had to wait till I was use to school witch makes pretty good sense I guess! But I really can't wait until then!



Hannah's POV:



"what" said Cassidy

"were finally moving in together "

" I'm so happy " Cassidy said

"It's finally happening "

"Yeah I kn-"

"Excuse me is your name Hannah?"said a thick Irish accent

"Yeah I'm Hannah why?!"

"We'll because I hear your in Kingston high school and so are we "

"Uhm yeah but why are you here... At my house?"

"We'll me and some of my friends just bought that house right there" he said pointing to the house beside mine

"Oh cool well yeah I go to Kingston but why does it matter"

"We'll I couldn't help but notice how beautiful you two lovely ladies looked and why not have two beautiful girls show five boys around school?"

"Yeah I guess we could and that was very sweet but if your trying to get into my pants it won't work I don't even know you!" "Yeah" said Cassidy "it won't work"

"Woah woah woah I'm not trying to get in your pants you both are just pretty and it would be cool on our first day to be seen with two hot girls like you ,ya?"

"Ok fine"

"We'll me name is Niall and here's my number see ya tomorrow!" Me and Niall spent all night texting and he seems like a really sweet guy and me and him have every class together even home room ... So that's why there were five extra seats ! I think I'm falling for him I think I'm going to tell him <3 but not to soon right?

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