One Direction


1. Meeting One Direction

I woke up on a red velvet sofa.I didnt know where I was. I looked around and saw that I was in a room with a plasma tv and a luxurious glass coffe table, so I guessed that I was in a living room. I saw a window over near the tv, so I stood up to go look out of it. But as soon as I stood up my head went dizzy, so I had to sit back down again. I glanced behind me and saw a clock. The time was 9am. I got up again, luckily not feeling dizzy, and walked over to the door on the other side of the room and opened it.I was in a hallway. I could here muffled voices in the room next to me, which I guessed was the kitchen. All I could make out was a male voice saying "She was sooo shocked, she just fainted! Soo... I brung her home."  I opened the door to see 5 hot boys standing there, in mid convosation. They all stopped talking and stared at me. "Hey?" I said puzzled. 2 Oh hey... Soo you finally decided to wake up, did yah?" said one of them. " Yeh, I guess, wait, who are you? you look vaguely famillier." I said. " Oh well right, you should know us, were One Direction." said Niall, who I recognized now. " Oh My Gosh! Your One Direction!!!" I said, doing a mini happy dance. " Yeh, you know us but we dont know you, beautiful" said Harry. " Yeh, babe!" Louis said, winking. I began to blush. " Ok... My names Lucy and im 18 years old." I said " Hey Lucy, has any one told you your soo beautiful?" said Zayn. " Yeh, Harry has!" I say, giggling. " Do you mind me asking, but where the hell am I?" " Were at our flat" Niall said. " How did I get here?" I asked. "You were at the concert, you met us, and you fainted, so I brought you here. " said Harry, smiling at me and moving closer. He leaned into kiss me, and I felt it for about 5 seconds, but then the boys grabbed him and took him outside. I could here them talking " Harry, you cant just kiss random girls." I herd Liam say. " Yhe, especialy coz shes mine!" i heard Niall say. "No SHES MINE!" I heard Loyis say like he did in the X factor video diary week 3. " NO shes mine" Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Harry at the same time. " Lets settle this. Hang around with her and see who she likes best, lets all date her, if she wants to, of corse." I heard Liam say, and they all came back in. " Hey sorry about that" Zayn said. " We were wondering, would you want to date us, like one of us, like me today and tomorow, then another person the next two days, and soo on, coz we really all like you" Niall said. " Yeh, I heard Louis shout "Shes Mine" outside. So yeh, who today?" I asked. "MEEE!" they all said at the same time. " ill choose.Umm Zayn first" I said " Woooo. YESSS!" Zayn said. 

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