Old Love 2

This is the 2nd book to Old Love..
Everyone lived happily ever after and moved away but what is it gonna be like when the meet agin.. What is gonna happen when the crazy fans mom and dad shows?? Is this HAPPILY EVER AFTER???


2. Zayn and Perrie

Perries POV

Me and Zayn got married and been married for 3 years.. We have two beautiful girls.. Lilly and Brooke.. Brooke had brown hair blue eyes  pale skin.. She loves pink and she wonts to be like Aunt Elenor.. A model and a dancer.. If you put your mind to it!! Lilly has red hair and green eyes She wonts to sing like her daddy.. And meet the band one day.. It will be in a couple hours since we all are going to England for a while with Makenna and Harry.. Zayn's happy to see his little sister but he's not happy that Makenna married Harry... Since he thinks Harry is a player!!! WTF ZAYN Makenna and Harry still lives in England their the only ones.. Me and Zayn moved to South Carolina.. For the beaches and the good food and wounderful weather Zayn didnt wont to leave Makenna with Harry all by their selfs but he did

We must go pack now and load the car its gonna be a LONG DIRVE WOOP WOOP


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