Old Love 2

This is the 2nd book to Old Love..
Everyone lived happily ever after and moved away but what is it gonna be like when the meet agin.. What is gonna happen when the crazy fans mom and dad shows?? Is this HAPPILY EVER AFTER???


10. ~the hospital

Harry POV

Im waiting in Makennas Room for her to wakeup..room 221.. Ihold her hand and rub it.. the ivs in her arm are nasty the make her look dead.. Id wish she wakeup.. PLZ MAKENNA!!! I hear a knock on the door... They come in..Mr.Styles I look up yes?? IM doctor.Smith Im the doctor who will take care of Mrs.Styles..I nod.. since no words could come out of my mouth.. .Makenna is in a coma.. It may be days,weeks,months,or even never when she wakes up..She may of lost her memborie too..I wipe a tear that was going to form... And Dr.Smith walked out.. Louis Came in and hugged me Louis was like my brother.. I told him "shes in a coma and she may never wake up Lou and she may of lost her memborie"

Lou frowns and starts to cry.. and tells me this"Harry Before you ever went out with Makenna me and her went out..But we never talked about it since I knew you still liked her".. I nod thanks for telling me Lou I hold her hand intill I had to leave..

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