Old Love 2

This is the 2nd book to Old Love..
Everyone lived happily ever after and moved away but what is it gonna be like when the meet agin.. What is gonna happen when the crazy fans mom and dad shows?? Is this HAPPILY EVER AFTER???


11. Kids

Harry POV
Bentley and Alexis come here.. I need to tell you something.. They run up the stairs and hop on the couch.. When I look at Alexis I see Makenna even though she says Bentley Looks like her..
Alexis askes "whats wrong daddy??" I smile.. then wipe my tear.. Bentley askes "wheres mommy??" I frown I says "Mommy is at the hospital.." Alexis crys and Bentley runs away... I go get Bentley and hold them two... I say "mommy going to be home soon ok.." The nod.. I go and tuck them into their bed.. Alexis is holding a picture of Makenna and Bentley anit even talking..

*next day*

I take the kids to the hospital to see Makenna they try and wake her up but she doesnt "shes not dead" I say.. Louis comes with me.. And Dr.Smith comes in.. Mr.Styles can we talk? I nod and walk out.. Dr.Smith tells me"Makenna woke up when you left.. So she still isnt in a coma no more but she is very tired so if she doesnt wake up.. she isnt dead".. I smile and say THANKYOU!!! She smiles.. and walks away.. Lou is in shock and Makenna is talking.. wait makenna is awake!!! First thing I do is kiss her... I missed you Makenna I say she smiles.. and hugs me.. She smells like medican...She says she wonts to go home.. I say I wont you to come home to babe.. I missed you so much!!


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