Old Love 2

This is the 2nd book to Old Love..
Everyone lived happily ever after and moved away but what is it gonna be like when the meet agin.. What is gonna happen when the crazy fans mom and dad shows?? Is this HAPPILY EVER AFTER???


1. Kalli and Niall

Kalli's POV

Me and Niall moved to back to his home town.. Yes I left Makenna and the boys behind so me and Niall could start our family.. We live in a HUGE house with a great view of open land and a little villiage.. We visit it alot since thats where Niall grew up at.. His Mother passed away 5 Months ago and his father died of a heart attack and his brother.. Moved away... So we are the only ones in his home town.. Its beautiful.. He is still the same Niall I know eating us out of house and home!! But he is very help with the kids Kylie and Kala.. Two beautiful girls  Kala has brown hair brown eyes pale skin.. Kylie has Blonde hair blue eyes and tan skin... Kala is more of a clean freak like me and doesnt eat 24/7 BUT Kylie is more like Niall doesnt care if the room is messy she just wonts damn food!!! But I love all of my kids.. Me and Niall have been married for 5 Years tommorow will be 6.. Makenna called me and asked if we would like to come down to England.. I said yes so we are leaving in a few hours.. We've already packed and already loaded the car.. Kylie and Kala are bugging me and asking when are we gonna meet their kids MOMMM... LORD can the be queit for 1 min. I love them I do but they just talk alot!!! Mabey on the way they will go to sleep!! its a 14 hour drive so... Ill see what happens


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