Old Love 2

This is the 2nd book to Old Love..
Everyone lived happily ever after and moved away but what is it gonna be like when the meet agin.. What is gonna happen when the crazy fans mom and dad shows?? Is this HAPPILY EVER AFTER???


12. good news or bad??

Harry POV
Dr.Smith comes in Mr.Styles.. Can me talk? I Smile and nod I walk out and she says.. "I hvae good news and bad.. what do you wont first?" I say Bad please.. Ok She says" You must get a restraining order on Niall Horan" I stop bretheing "But he was just jelouse!! He didnt mean for this to HAPPEN" I YELL.. Shh you dont have to yell Mr.Styles.. You dont know if he would do this agin.. If he doesnt Live in England then you dont have to but if he does you must.. He doest I say She walks away.. HEY WHAT ABOUT THE GOODNEWS!! I yell.. She walks back to me.. Makenna is preg. and its your baby<3 I smile and nod.. I run back into the room and I see Zayn sitting on the bed.. Makenna is telling him about the baby and Zayn looks at me..!! I smile and kiss her tummy and said hello little fellow... Makenna says um Harry its not a fellow its 2 fellows.. I freze and say oops sorry mates.. Niall comes in and Makenna Jumps and grabs my hand.. Makenna can we talk?? Zayn and Harry can you get out Niall askes...I regret leaving but I did..

Nialls POV

I watch them leave.. and I say Makenna listin plz!! I didnt mean to or for this to Happen.. Im sorry I was just jelouse of Harry since He married you! Everyone falls for him but noones gives me a chance! I just wonted one chance.. But all we got was the friend zone.. Makenna says" IM HAPPY WITH HARRY! YOU HAVE KALLI.. I LOVE HARRY AND ITS BETTER TO BE SOMETHING WITH ME INSTEAD OF NOTHEING!! YOU MADE ME TRY TO COMMIT SUICIDE I WILL NEVER GIVE YOU A CHANCE NIALL HORAN!!! JUST GET THE FUCK OUT!!! I nod and walk out..

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