Old Love 2

This is the 2nd book to Old Love..
Everyone lived happily ever after and moved away but what is it gonna be like when the meet agin.. What is gonna happen when the crazy fans mom and dad shows?? Is this HAPPILY EVER AFTER???


6. England

Perries POV

We got off the plane to find Harry and Makenna standing their.. Its raining of coarse.. So Makenna is wearing Harrys fav. jacket.. I used to like Harry intill I met Zayn<3.. I see Makenna holding two kids.. Must be hers.. Their so cute.. So I grab both of ours and run inside and set them down and hug Makenna and Harry.. Lilly and Brooke hide behind my legs... Zayn comes up grabs me from behind and picks me up.. Makenna laughs.. Harry says Ello Mate.. Whats been good?? He still has a acent and Makennas picking one up to..  I find out the girls name is Alexis and the boy is Bentley.. Me and Makenna drive to their house.. Its beautiful... She drops me off and drives back to the airport..

Kalli's POV

we land and I wake up the kids.. and Niall since im ready to get off of this plane it stinks.. I see Makenna I grab my kids hands and They grabs Nialls too.. We run and We come and meet up with them Makenna looks so differnt.. Now she has Ombre red hair... and she is thin.. She has 2 kids and Harry and her makes a good couple.. Noone knows what happend between me and Makenna.. We got into a huge fight.. and thats why I left.. and we havent talked since..We wait for Liam and Louis to get here.. I think I see Louis because Harry is running..

Harrys POV

Makenna and Kalli dont talk she told me what happne between them.. I cant believe that happend..But I see Louis super man hood so I run!! Louis see's me and I jump on him Elenor yells at Louis and I.. I just roll my eyes and pick up Elenour she is thin like Makenna no one knows that she has been losing weight so much.. besides me..I feel so bad bc  when im not home she crys herself to sleep bc she feels like she's making my life like hell but shes making my life like HEAVEN..

Liam POV

I see everyone and Marissa and Kyle are walking and Marissa is shorts since she thought it wasnt gonna rain to late... Marissa feels out of place since she doesnt really no anyone.. But I see Makenna shes super thin.. Like skinner then Elenour thats bad but she looks really good.. We all go back to Harry and Makenna's Place its big and beautiful..

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