My Nightmare...Come True

This is a story of a girl whos family is caught in a fire, she has insomnia, but when she does sleep she dreams the future of people around her. One deadly thing though, they always some true(hense the title of my story) She starts having them about her family..........What will happen, will her family be killed off or can she save them from the supernatural creatures.


2. Where am I?




I woke up in a room with harsh white blank walls and huge beeping, flashing machines all around me. That's when it all came back to me, waking up, panicing, attempted to get out of the house and possible suffacating. Wait! I couldn't have suffacated, I'm here aren't I? OH! My family!! Where are they!? Did they get out in time!? Are they dead!?...All these thoughts racing through my head were too much, I tried to calm myself down my distracting myself.

My eyes wondered around the standered hospital room again. I noticed a tiny plastic blood bag beside me supplying me with bright glistening scarlet red blood. I could see it flowing  peacefully through the narrow clear tube that connected to a needle in my toned arm. It made me sick, I never could stand the sight of blood or insides for that matter. I couldn't stomach it at all. I despised it in every way possible.

As the tube drew more attention to my body, I looked down upon myself. I was disgusted with how my body looked. synged patches all down my long leg, the smell of burnt black hair, god could only imagine what my face looks like.

The sound of a swinging door brought my attention to a tall doctor with greasy blonde hair and bright blue eyes that walked in and smiled. 'How are you Ms.Star' he beamed with happiness. In fact I could almost see the rays of sunshine spill out of him as his smile widened. Ugh, how could someone be so happy at a time like this?

'I could be better...' I mumbled with sarcasim dripping of every last word I said with a scowel(sp?)  plastered on my face. He just chuckled  slightly revealing his dimples and then read from his fancy dactorised clip board  ''Your family are in brilliant health, no injuries at all but you are lucky that Fireman Bob got to you in time. We had done some tests and found out that you just escaped the deadly disease carbon monoxide. As well as escaping most of the flames of the house fire, Your lungs don't seem too be in too bad of a condition, if you take an anti-biotic for 2 weeks minimum , they should heal. For your burns from the steel beam you will be given some ointment that should help the pain and hopefully get them to dissapear. Most of all your fine, just in shock from the events.'

'When can I leave then?' I rapidally said  as I couldn't get it out fast enough in a monotone voice.

'We want to keep you over night to see how you come along, if there is nothing wrong you can go home tomorrow morning Miss. Star and.....' He started and then his pager beeped out of control.

His facial expression had completely changed, his face fell to a said gloomy tired expression. His perkyness had immiediatly dissapeard as if it was never there. I was happy for that reaction, least I'm not the only one in a bad humour now.  His eyes narrowed and his thin pink lips formed into a plank shape. 'Sorry Miss.Star this is an emergancy, I have to leave' he said in a drooped voice. With that he stormed out of the almost asylum like room I was staying in..........What a fun night this will be......not.......

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