My Nightmare...Come True

This is a story of a girl whos family is caught in a fire, she has insomnia, but when she does sleep she dreams the future of people around her. One deadly thing though, they always some true(hense the title of my story) She starts having them about her family..........What will happen, will her family be killed off or can she save them from the supernatural creatures.


7. Welcome Home




'Clarryyy! Come ere would ya and give you big cousin a hug, I was sooo worried about you! We all were!!' my cousin Sive shouted. She was always the quirky one out of us all, we're a pretty close family so we know everything there is to know about eachother. Sive had pin straight jet black hair with red streaks here and there. She is 4 years older than me, that making her 19. I went up and bear hugged her, squeezing her so tight that it hurt me instead. 'Sive' I whispered. 'Yea' she chuckled back.  'Something really creepy happened in the hospital and I dunno what to do about it, I can't tell you here but when you get the chance later come up to my room and i'll tell and show you' I said quitely will trembles in my voice. This made Sive pull back with a worried experssion 'Are you okay?' she questioned. 'Yea I'm grand, honestly, I just dunno what to make of this' I replied pulling a fake smile. 'Righht okaayy...' she said clearly not believing me.

By now everyone was lining up for a hug but instead of waiting individually they I was pilled on top of, it literally knocked me off my feet. 'Ahhh! Guys! seriously! I can't breath properly, remember, I was in a fire not that long ago, the rest of yee got out but not me...still smoke stuck to the inside of my lungs!' I croaked. I got a few mumbled replies of 'right..sorry..and forgots'.

I sniffed the air and smelt spagetti bolegnase. Yum my fav! 'Is that SPAG BOL!!' I screamed!!! 'I LOVE SPAG BOL!!...YUM! GET OUT OF MY WAY BEFORE I SHOOT YOU ALL!' I zoomed past everyone straight to the kitchen ignoring the booming laughs and chuckles from everyone. 'Wait a minute, shouldn't out house be like..ya know...gone?' I asked confused. 'awh honey, did you not see we pulled up into Uncle Rogers house?, that smoke must of really got to your brain, not that it would of made that much of a difference anyways' chuckled my other cousin Jannet. I glared at her she was always the annoying overly sarcastic bitchy one. Everyone has that one cousin they hate, well Jannets my one cousin that I absolutly dispise. She was the only girl with short, curly hair. It was cut almost like a bob but a little longer. She was also the only one with brown eyes. I say she's adopted but my auntie and uncle, Mary and Josh say otherwise, although I did ask for proof and they said they lost her birth cert, huh, more like adoption cert. She was completly different than our family, not to sound like a bitch or bully or anything because im alot different than my family aswell but she had blonde hair, the rest of use had dark hair,I was the only one with jet black hair but never the less, she was small and a little bit tubby, we were tall, skinny and an athletic build, she had brown eyes, the majority of my family had blue eyes, I got my green eyes from grandmother on my Mams side. She was tan and we were all pale, me being the palest of course. She was a complete girly girl and we were all tomboys,, to a certain degree. We just had a complete clash of personalities altogether. I think she disagrees with me on purpose just to get under my skin but i'm also the only one on that page except for Sive. We are extremly close and tell echother everything and well Jannet doesn't exactly like that idea and tries to wedge between us.

My glare was broken when a bowl of spag bol was placed in front of me. I was starved! I dug in stuffing the food in my mouth with each fork full when Jannet mumbled a comment I couldn't quite hear. 'What was that?' I challenged. 'Who eats like that, if i had that i'd be eating mannerly like a lady should' she said sticking up her nose. Posh totty. I held out my hands togther like a person begging for money and replied 'This, this here is the amount of fucks I give' shoving my hands closer to her.   She rolled her eyes and got all up in my face and slapped me. I swear you could hear it in Japan. 'Listen here Clarissa, you may have been in a fire and have all the attention but im the star of this family and stay away from my attention spotlight' she said waving her bag and pionting her finger in my face. Thats the last straw, I've only been home about 10 minutes and she's starting on me. We were never ever left alone in a room alone together because then someone will definatly die. *Cough cough*  Her  *Cough cough*. I slammed my fork on the table grabbing the attention of everyone and pushed her into the wall with my hand at the scruff of her collar and my arm across her neck holding her against the wall.


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