My Nightmare...Come True

This is a story of a girl whos family is caught in a fire, she has insomnia, but when she does sleep she dreams the future of people around her. One deadly thing though, they always some true(hense the title of my story) She starts having them about her family..........What will happen, will her family be killed off or can she save them from the supernatural creatures.


5. Hospital Discharge




I woke up confused from last night event, what had actually happened? It doesn't make the slightest bit of sense at all. All I know is I can't let the police get hold of the weapon I grabbed last night in the hallway used against the women.

A nurse walking through my room doors brang me out of my deep thoughts. She was quite small and petite will long golden locks and bright green eyes.

Definatly a barbie.

You can tell from the make up she wore,  she had bright pink eyeshadow blended out in her crease and a thin line of black eyeliner on her top lash line and bottom lash line. She also had heels on, to make her taller as she is so small. Must kill her feet i'd say.

 'You're being let out of hospital today, your mother will come in with a bag of clothes for you to get changed into right after I check your blood pressure and sight to see if you're okay to be let out' she told me with no mood to her voice, she seemed tired.

She put this big black strap around  my upper arm. I knew it was to check my blood pressure. She started to squeeze the red balloon shaped object connected to the blood pressure dial. It started to get tighter and tighter on my arm until she randomly stopped and took it off not saying anything to break the awkward silence. Something seemed to have upset her.  

She then took out a bright light in the shape of a pen.

'Close one eye and look at my nose' she told me and I did as told. 'okay same with the other one' she said again. 'Okay, your fine and can go home' she smiled tiredly at me

She got up and left scrambeling out of the room with her short legs. She could barely walk in those heels so she was basically falling over looking as if she was drunk.

Just then my mother, Emerald, came into the room, prancing through the doors with a bag in her hand and my white docs in the other. She was wearing white trousers fitted to her shape  and a long white top  splashed with designs of bright colours. It made her black hair and green eyes stand out.

People say i'm the spitting image of her and I can what they mean, we both have black straight hair, the only difference is that mine is long and hers is short, we both have striking mysterious green eyes although hers have speckles of brown in it where as mine have speckles of white a blue, I get the speckles from my dad, me and my mother both have a slightly heart shaped face and an thin athletic build. She quite tall and everyone seems to think that im going to be around her height when im older, I'm already up just above her arched eyebrows when she hasn't got heels on, so it could happen.

'Hey honey, how are you feeling?' she asked me in a sweet  voice, while handing me my bag of clothes and docs. She was so lucky to get out with just a scratch where as I have bandages wrapped around my leg from the burn. I'm very lucky that I got with just that, I know that. I am greatful I can still walk perfectly fine and everything.

'I'm doing great mam' I replied smiling at her. 'Thats good, I'll just let you get changed and then we can be on our way out then yea' she stated more than asked. I smiled and nodded and with that she walked out.

I unzipped the red tarten bag to see my black skinney jeans, a red tank top and a grey over top with a skull on the centre of it designed in different shades of grey. Underneath it I seen my hairbrush and make~up bag. The life saver, no way I would of walked out of here without my make~up on. I walked over to the attached bathroom and quickly changed and pulled my white docs on. Next I looked in the mirror and was actually shocked at my reflection. My fair skin looked grey and cloudy as if I was sick, I looked extremely, not tired but overwhelmed with the light purple bags inderneath my eyes. My once bright emerald green eyes are now glassy beads and storm like if you look closer to them. My long black hair is all matted with knotts and slightly greasy at the crown

I brushed through the chlumped knotts on my head ignoring the major pain it caused me, once i was happy with the silkyness of it, I tied it up into a high ponytail leave two pieces down to frame my face. I unclipped my stich make~up bag and took out my L'orel foundation as it is the lightest I can find and applied it to my face leaving a niether matt nor dewie finish.

Next I took out my catrice eyeliner pencil in 'It's A Pleasure Treasure' and applied it around my eyes and winging it out slightly.

I then took out my 17 mascara and coated my eyelashes to give my eyes more depht and definition.

Satisfied with how I looked I went and got the axe and note from 'Fireball' and hid it in my bag and walked to into the hallway to see a huge gathering of police and cut offs not letting people pass without being questioned, Well I'm in trouble now.....

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