My Nightmare...Come True

This is a story of a girl whos family is caught in a fire, she has insomnia, but when she does sleep she dreams the future of people around her. One deadly thing though, they always some true(hense the title of my story) She starts having them about her family..........What will happen, will her family be killed off or can she save them from the supernatural creatures.


6. Escape




Just then I got an idea on how to avoid the police questioning and searches. 'Hey mam, I just have to go to the bathroom, I'll meet you at the car outside, yea?' I said casually as if I knew nothing. 'Yes, okay sweetie, I'm in car park A, row 7' replied my mother, suspecting nothing at all. 'Oh, wait!, would you like me to bring your bags out, they look kind of heavy, whats in there?' she almost shouted starting to draw attention. 'Emm, n-no, it's fine, I got it' I stuttered, smiling attempting to cover it up, which didn't seem to work because she gave me a funny look but left it anyway and walked away while nodding.

I practically ran to the bathrooms, but slow enough not to draw more attention to myself, it was more like long fast strides than running. I made my way across the hallways to a sign that said 'Ladies Tiolets' . I barged into the bathrooms worried that someone had noticed me. Thankfully nobody was in here, as I glanced across the opened cube-ical doors. They were light blue and fairly dirty if I do say so myself. As I scanned the bathroom I instanitly came across the white lined window. I scurried over to it and attempted to open the latch. Locked. Of course. I took a hair pin out of my bag and began trying to pick the lock. Left, Right, Up, Left, click. I opened the window and swiftly climbed out after checking if the coast was clear. It would of been smart if i stayed in the bathroom longer because I am suppose to be using it but it was a long walk to the car as it was the other side of the hospital.

After about 10 minutes of walking I came to my mothers black Nissan car with her waiting in the front drivers seat. I always hated this car, it was to low to the ground it you ask me. I prefer high cars like jeeps and all, if you consider a jeep a car that is. I went around to the boot of the car, 'Open the boot will ya ma?' I asked, she didn't reply but I heard a clicking noise so that ment she unlocked it. I threw my bag in and headed for the passengers seat and got in, put my seatbelt on and with that she drove off.

We didn't talk for the car ride, which was pretty awkward seeing as it took 30minutes. We arrived at my house and I took my bag out of the boots, looked up to see my fmily opening the front oak door. How I love my over obsessing big numbered family. Honestly it was like a zoo, no peace and quite anywhere.

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