My Nightmare...Come True

This is a story of a girl whos family is caught in a fire, she has insomnia, but when she does sleep she dreams the future of people around her. One deadly thing though, they always some true(hense the title of my story) She starts having them about her family..........What will happen, will her family be killed off or can she save them from the supernatural creatures.


3. Dreaming





As I was drifting off into a mindless sleep there was a loud thump outside my doubled door hospital room that made me jump.........Panic rose from within my stomach. Well this is slightly scary, it's half one in the morning and theres a creeper....nice, just nice. I pulled the baby blue cotton covers back quitely despretaly trying not to make a sound and crept on my tippy toes to the door. I peeked through the stained glass square on the door and saw a muscular man in black with a small red hiking rucksac. I immiedatily moved the the side of the door stiffening so I was no longer in view of the window. Carefully ever so slightly peaking through the window again I saw a young youthful women with bright crisom red hair and dark choclate brown eyes and earphones in strutting up and mumbling the words to a song up through the plain boring corridor. I started waving and jumping around frantically for her to go because of the strange man out there. She hasn't seen me but the man has seen her. It's too late now I thought to myself. He dropped the canvas rucksac on the dirty gorund, unzipped it slowly and took out an giant bloody already used axe. SHHIT!!! Whats he going to do to the poor women. As he snuck up behind her....just as his dark oversized shadow appeared before her she started running as fast as her little legs would take her. Her wide eyes signified her panic. I could hear her fluster of rapid breaths. Just as he caught up to her the sense of   realization spread across her face, she knew and I knew, there and then ,it was her time, she was going to die.


He wrestled her to the ground with a loud ear throbbing pang of body on floor contact. For him it was that easy, like inhuman strength. She tried to fight back, the red haired women kicked punched slapped and scrapped at her attackers face. Everything she could think of, it didn't affect him, like he was a statue. She tried scratching his eyes out with her long blue nails, not even a mark left. How peculiar I though....she tried kicking him in his downstairs area, again, nothing....he aggressively pinned her to the cold hard ground face first by pulling her hair, lifted up the axe, and SLAM!, her head was now gone. It kind of reminds me of the evil, malicious, cruel queen in Alice In Wonderland. "Off With Her Head". A famous and renouned quote. I was trembling with fear, stopping a high pitched blood curdling scream from leaving my mouth. The noise of her head coming off was horrific, the crunch and smashing of her bones was like chucking a rock at a steel door, CHA~CHINGGGG!!!! extremely weird noise for could actually hear her veins bursting and squirt like a bag of liquid being compressed by a machine or meeting with your foot on the ground. Absoloutly disgusting I tell you and to make it worse her head was lying just inches from her body, the blood flowing out a dark red colour, her skin was now a dark grey colour in a matter of minutes, her dark chocolate brown eyes fading in colour. There's no way she can be saved.


In one fast swift effortless movement, the stranger raised his head, i've now certinally gone grey with shock, right there, right now, eye piercing red eyes stared straight at me. Never in my life have I been so afraid. The fright froze me to my spot, unable to move or even blink for that matter. The look in his eyes could only be described by one word. Demented. Completely and utterly demented. He looked as if he escaped from an asylum. 

POOF! In the blink of an eye he was gone.

~Dream over~

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