Brotherly Love

One day the boys and Nialls sister, Zoey, head to a studio to record music. But what happens when Zoey sneaks out to explore? How will Niall react when he realizes she's gone? (My first story<3)


2. The Studio

Zoey's P.O.V

We finally arrived at the studio. Looks more like a factory than a studio. "Looks like we're here mates" Harry said and jumped out the car. The rest of the boys came out of the car, with me not far behind. "Alright lads, are you ready for a recording on our song?" Niall asked. "We'll of course, but don't forget that interview after" Zayne explained. We all head inside. A man, comes in and escorts the boys to the studio. I explore this wonderful building. They have massages, video games, Buffets,magic shows.. I snapped out of it. Hmm I guess the buffet will do. Yeah, I know I already ate, but I'm STARVING! I head there. I eat at least 3 plates of food, and 4 bowls of ice cream. It's awesome when you can eat all you want, and not gain any weight. After, I head to the park next to this gigantic factory. Honesty, I love nature, it's the best thing in the world, if I do say so myself. I see the wonderful trees, the birds flying, the squirrels climbing trees and fighting for nuts. It's marvelous. I spot a place with really soft grass, of course I had to lay In it. I layed down and stared at the sky. This is relaxing heaven. My eyelids feel heavy, and I wonder, a small nap won't hurt, so I fell into a deep slumber.

Unknown P.O.V

I see her, she's asleep, now is a perfect time. Ooh, how it will feel when I touch that long brown hair, and see fear in those green eyes. She is perfect, Her chest seems big. Excellent. Oh, she doesn't know what's to come...
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