Brotherly Love

One day the boys and Nialls sister, Zoey, head to a studio to record music. But what happens when Zoey sneaks out to explore? How will Niall react when he realizes she's gone? (My first story<3)


1. Nandos

Zoey's P.O.V

"JOOOEEYY" Niall yelled throwing a pillow at me. Yeah, my name is Zoey and I'm 14. My brother is Niall, the one girls tend to yell at saying " I love you!!" Or "Marry me!!" Which is really weird but I've gotten used to it. "WHAT DO YOU WANT NIALLER?!" I yell, throwing the pillow back. "I NEED TO GO TO THE STUDIO TO RECORD SOME MUSIC, WANNA COME?" Well I really got nothing to do anyways, so why not. "Ok I'll go, but I'm starving" I say as my stomach growls. "Haha, I'm starving too. What do you want?" Niall asks me with a hungry yet curious look on his face,mostly hungry. "Everything!!!" " Nandos it is" He said while grabbing my wrist and ran out the door.
"Wow that was delicious" I say licking my lips. "Oh yeah, that was some fine dining" Niall replied acting dead because he was really full. I throw a fry at his face and he picks it up and eats it. "What can I say? I love Nandos!!" Niall replied cheery. Niall.. He will always be the same wont he?
"Time to go to the studio! Call the lads while I pay for the food" Niall said and gave me his phone. I dialed Zayne's number. "What's up?" Zayne said " Can you pick me and Niall up from Nandos?" "Okay sure Zoey" Zayne hanged up. I walk towards Niall. "Ready?" I ask Niall. He nods and we head out. In the front was a Limo and there they were. Zayne,Harry,Liam, and Louis. "Ello!" They all said happily. "Hi!" Niall and I say. "Get in." Harry orders us "We've got to hurry" So we all get in the limo and drive to the studio.
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