Brotherly Love

One day the boys and Nialls sister, Zoey, head to a studio to record music. But what happens when Zoey sneaks out to explore? How will Niall react when he realizes she's gone? (My first story<3)


3. Kidnapped

Unknown P.O.V

I have to act quick.I make sure no one is near.I Take out a bottle..I have been waiting for weeks to do this! I creep slowly,cautiously.

Zoey's P.O.V

I awake and check my phone for the time. 4:30,so i've slept for 30 minutes,not bad.I get up and stretch.I guess I'll lay in a soft warm bed like regular people do. I start walking to the studio.Behind me was a crackling sound,but I choose to ignore it because it might be a squirrel climbing a tree or a bird flying through the leafs of the trees.I trip on a tree root. OW!! I get up and try cleaning the dirt off.All of a sudden,the last thing I remember,were two cold,large,rough hands get ahold of me. One around my waist and one covering my mouth with a cloth.I get sleepy,and before I know it,it was black.



Sorry it was short!! <3 I've been busy :c

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