Brotherly Love

One day the boys and Nialls sister, Zoey, head to a studio to record music. But what happens when Zoey sneaks out to explore? How will Niall react when he realizes she's gone? (My first story<3)


4. Awoken

Zoey's P.O.V

I awake on a cold,dirty floor. My vision is still blurry,but it's manageable.I get up slowly looking around me. I start walking to the door until i feel something hold me back. Great,a chain to keep me company.

Niall's P.O.V

The lad's and I finished recording our next top album. "Finally were done!" Lou says as he lays on the couch. "You've said it Lou" Zayne says as he does the same. "Hey I'm hungry let's order some food!" I whine. "Ok there's a booklet here.. Ooh why don't we get the lobsters?" Harry asks. "No let's get Chinese!" Liam yells. "Italian is better!" Zayne chirps. "Mexican is best out of all!" Lou screams. "But I want seafood!" Harry whines. "Oh look the 'Big Grand Buffet' it says we could choose 6 plates of big dishes of delicous food! Any choice of food is acceptable!" I screech. "Sounds good lad, so we can each get our own plate of our choice of food!" Harry says cheerfully. "Yeah!" I say "Including Zoey.As a matter of fact,where is she?" "ZOEEEY!!!!" we all scream looking around."What the tea bags?!" Liam says.All of a sudden,my phone vibrates and it's a text from...ZOEY?! 'Niall please help! I've been kidnapped by a crazy person! :( It happened at the park!!! ;(' My heart started racing... I don't know who did this but I will find out. Who do they think they are? Messing with my sister is a big NONO. "GUYS QUICK WE HAVE TO FIND ZOEY SHE'S BEEN KIDNAPPED! I SENT HER A TEXT SAYING IF SHE KNOWS WHERE SHE IS!!! GUYS LETS HELP HELP HER GET ANYONE! I WONDER WHAT'S HAPPENING?! WHAT IF-" "NIALL IT'S GOING TO BE FINE JUST CHILL!!" Zayne yells at me. "we just have to wait till' she replies..." "Ok ok." I say quickly and I waited for the text...that never came.

Zoey's P.O.V

Shit! My phone died! Why me! I look around again and hid my phone in my bra. I try unhooking or somehow break the chain but it's useless. I hear footsteps coming from the door 6 meters away from me. The door opens and my heart starts racing,and I get a chill down my spine when the mysterious man says in a whisper "Hello my dear..."

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