Fear of loving (summer love)

(Harry styles fan fiction) Ari is the kind of girl that would die to meet one direction. But what happens during summer break. When everyone goes to the beach,shopping,travel but Ari....she has the best summer of her life...she falls in love.

But good things always come to an end right?


3. On the plane

It was the BIG DAY. Finally. It was only yesterday that i had told Aby and Tay about me and josh's brakeup and why he wont talk to me. But i wanna forget all about that and let london be my new beggining.. my new journey. my mum and dad dropped me off at the airport and bear hugs were shared through the three of us ..yes I'm an only child. I waved goodbye then walked inside the airport and saw Aby with her suitcase and passport waiting for me and i bet we were both literally pissing our pants. We checked in and got through customs then went off to get something to eat. "flight number 18F63 flying to London, is boarding now". That was when me and Aby let out our real girly side where we started squealing and ya know.... Being girls.As we hopped on the plane and our seats where in the middle isle, which was sort of annoying cuz you have to sit next to strangers. Aby was sitting the seat on the nearest isle, leaving me sitting next to probably some wacko that sits next to me.To my surprise a hot young man came and sat next to me , he had beautiful brown curls but I could harly see his face that much cuz he had his hoodie up but I guess this wouldn't be a bad plane ride after all.

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