Fear of loving (summer love)

(Harry styles fan fiction) Ari is the kind of girl that would die to meet one direction. But what happens during summer break. When everyone goes to the beach,shopping,travel but Ari....she has the best summer of her life...she falls in love.

But good things always come to an end right?


2. Finally over and ready to pack

Hi, I'm Ari I live in Sydney, Australia, Im 18 And it is finally our school break Holiday. Well i guess you could say I was annoying my parents but i like call it persuading .. I begged my parents for me to go to London, because i love the scenery there, the people, food but what i loved the most was the killer accents they had. My "persuading" sure worked since they finally gave over and let me go. In school my besties Aby and Tay were so exited for summer We were even planning to spend the whole summer together ...but Im going to London and so was Aby which totally blows cuz Tay couldn't go. I guess you could say Tay has those parants that expect and want a "PERFECT" daughter, so she has to spend her entire summer in study school. I was leaving for London in two weeks and I was already packed and me and Aby was spending as much time With Tay as possible and tried not talking about London so she didn't feel left out or anything but to be honest it was one of the hardest things not to talk about since we were so excited. But we tried for Tay's sake. 1 day till me and Aby go to London. For the last day we decided to go to Starbucks with Tay. "I'll have one vanilla Frapachino please" I smiled to the lady at the Starbucks counter. As we got our drinks we went to go sit down in one of the booths. "So, how's you and Josh doing Ari?" Tay said making conversation....Oh and did I mention my ex boyfriend Josh broke up with me last week but i dont even know why ..he wont talk to me or answer my calls all i want is an answer why but all im getting is a full face of ignorence...love hurts..but my friends dont even know that we broke..cuz i never told them and I didn't want them to know "Uhh he's good , we're good" I stumbled "you sure? You don't sound verryy" "very what?" I bumped in accidentally letting my broken side show. "You seem very off balance these past few days like you don't notice much what's happening around you."  Tay informed me. " Fine I geuss I should tell you guys already that me and josh broke up." 

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