Forbidden Lovers

Amy Lily Potter is the twin of Harry Potter, she is alot different to her brother being short tempered, sly and ambitious, nobody knew how she got into Gryffindor. Her hatred for a certain Draco Malfoy is famous across Hogwarts and nobody know why they haven't killed eachother yet. But what happens when detention brings the squabbling pair together?


4. I don't Want Your Filthy Disease On Me

“Hello!” Mr Weasley said, I shook his hand as we entered the Weasley home, the fire was burning and the house was warm and cosy. Today was Monday 6th February (Amy is in 5th year) and me and Hermione had just finished our last lesson of the day, Ancient Runes, she had basically forced me to take it so that she wouldn’t be alone and she wanted someone to study with. We were at the Weasley house for a special reason, it was Mr Weasleys birthday and he had invited us all to come round and celebrate. To be honest I was glad to get out of the school because of Umbridge, it had toke me all my strength not to walk up to her and punch the daylights out of her, I think Professor McGonagall was feeling the same, the amount of arguments they have had is astounding.
I placed my bag and books down on the sofa nearest to the fire and walked over to the table sitting between Fred and Harry, holding my present for Mr Weasley. We all passed our gifts down to him, he smiled at us all and Mrs Weasley patted his back proudly.


“I’m so glad you were all able to come to celebrate with me, it’s a pleasure to see you all here, all well and happy” He said, placing the presents he received in the kitchen. “If it’s ok with everyone I would love to enjoy this meal before I open all of my gifts” He added, we all nodded in agreement and tucked into our food.



“Well, that was a good party, I’m glad Mr Weasley liked the rubber ducks I brought him, he always seemed so fascinated by them” I said as we all made our way down the halls, it was 7:30 and we had to get back to our dorms before 8. “Guys I have got a book I need to hand back in the library, I’ll meet you back at the common room” I said, turning a different corner, I waved at the Weasleys, Harry and Hermione and then made my way quickly towards the library. I bumped into someone and was about to apologise but then I saw who the person actually was. Malfoy. Ugh great, just great.
“Oi!” I shouted at him.
“You should have been looking where you were going Potter” He said, his voice droning on.
“I don’t want your disease on me, your filthy” I muttered in return, I started to walk away, until he grabbed my arm.
“I am not filthy, you are! You even smell like one, I never thought that such a ‘heroic’ person like yourself could drop down to the disgusting, blood traitor standards as the Weasleys” He mocked, then he panicked as I slapped his had away and grabbed his collar, bringing his face level to mine.
“You. Will. NEVER. Say that again otherwise I promise you, you WILL regret it. Malfoy, now bog off” I hissed, pushing him to the ground, he scrambled up and ran away, typical he was such a wimp.
I opened the library door and saw Madam sitting there reading a book, she looked up as I made my way towards the front desk and she nodded her head to the side, obviously not wanting to be disturbed, I slammed the book down, some people can be so rude and I glared at her and made my way out of the library smashing the door closed and storming across the now deserted halls, it had gone past 8 and I had to rush back before anyone saw me. But just with my luck, Snape caught me.
“POTTER! You should know that you have to be in dorms by eight, I have just given Mr Malfoy a detention for being out late, so tomorrow you will be spending the detention with Mr Malfoy, cleaning the floors WITHOUT magic” I gaped at him as he briskly walked away not allowing me to protest. I kicked the wall and screamed out in fury and stormed back to the dorms. I was pissed off, first Malfoy, now Snape, I would kill someone if something else were to happen.

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