Forbidden Lovers

Amy Lily Potter is the twin of Harry Potter, she is alot different to her brother being short tempered, sly and ambitious, nobody knew how she got into Gryffindor. Her hatred for a certain Draco Malfoy is famous across Hogwarts and nobody know why they haven't killed eachother yet. But what happens when detention brings the squabbling pair together?


6. Cats Eveywhere

 I whacked my head against the table and closed my eyes, resting my head in my palms I tried to calm myself down, today we once again had DADA (Defence Against The Dark Arts) I do love DADA but it's just the teacher that irritates me so much, much more then Malfoy does which is actually saying something. Umbridge was a short, annoying lady who had this freakishly weird obsessions with the colour pink and cats, I have been  in her study once before and there was just cats everywhere.... 
"Try not to kill her this time Amy" Hermione said as all four of us left the great hall and made our way to classroom 104, where our DADA lesson was.
"I'm not promising you anything" I muttered, rolling my eyes, Hermione had always been obsessed with not getting on the bad side of anyone.
"No, I'm being serious, Harry couldn't come to school because of that woman imagine what shes gonna do if you try and pull anything" Hermione retorted, panicking I smirked as I glanced at her amused by her reaction.
"To be honest with you, I would love to see her reaction to one of my pranks" I said, I was cut out of that thought with Hermione whacking my arm I gave her a 'what?' expression as we walked into the classroom and got to our seats, I was sitting next to Seamus.
"Hello there Amy" He said his irish accent very clear as I sat down.
"Hiya Seamus" I murmured, smiling at him slightly, I soon got my books out and leaned back on my chair, waiting for Umbridge to walk in and make the next hour of my life heel, I let out a fustrated sigh and closed my eyes as she walked in.
"Now everyone get you Defensive Magical Theory books out and I want you to turn to page 76" She said, trotting up to her desk wearing that awful colour pink. "Now I want you  to all answer question 1 to 31 on common defensive theories, any talking and you WILL get a two hour detention with me and you will be writing lines" She warned us, I rolled my eyes and got my piece of parchment out.
"Yes, Miss Granger" Umbridge drawled, obviously not wanting to listen to had Hermione had to say.
"Well, I as wondering when you were going to teach us to use ANY defencsive spells?!" Hermione explained, obviously annoyed, like me, by the amount of poor teaching skills this woman had.

 "Using defensive spells? Why, I can't imagine any situation arising in my classroom that would require you to use a defensive spell, Miss Granger. You surely aren't expecting to be attacked during class? I do not wish to criticise the way things have been run in this school, but you have been exposed to some very irresponsible wizards in this class, very irresponsible indeed - not to mention, extremely dangerous half-breeds."She answered raising her eyebrows at Hermione she tutted and then looked back down at the papers on her desk, Hermione shot me a 'Who does she think she is?' look and then got back to her work shaking her head. My fingers grated against the table and it toke me so much determination not to flip the table up, give her some talking to and murder her, yes it was that bad, only thing to make my day worse, I'm going to have to spend all evening cleaning the floors with my good friend fricking Malfoy (Sarcasm involved)

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