Forbidden Lovers

Amy Lily Potter is the twin of Harry Potter, she is alot different to her brother being short tempered, sly and ambitious, nobody knew how she got into Gryffindor. Her hatred for a certain Draco Malfoy is famous across Hogwarts and nobody know why they haven't killed eachother yet. But what happens when detention brings the squabbling pair together?


5. A Simple Chess Game

“Someone’s had a rough day” Fred whistled, looking up from his game of chess as I walked into the dorms, red in the face with anger. “HA! TAKE THAT RON! CHECKMATE!” He soon started running around the dorms, whooping madly, Ron groaned and hit his head on the table. I raised my eyebrows wondering what this was all this madness was about.
“Would someone please explain to me why these two hooligans are obsessing over a simple chess game?” I said, placing my hands on my hips, unimpressed by the amount of noise being made.
“They betted 20 Sickles to see who was the overall best chess player, they’ve been doing this game most of the evening” I looked over at the voice and noticed Hermione reading ‘Great Wizards Of The Twentieth Century’ it was obvious to that she wasn’t impressed as well, I sighed deeply and shook my head.
“Young lady, now that your red face is no more could you please tell us why you looked like you were about to murder someone” George said, guiding me to a seat.
“Well, I went to the library to hand in one of my books and the librarian was being rude, not even acknowledging me as I walked in and then I ran into bloody Malfoy and he started accusing me of all these things and then Snape finds me fuming in the corridors and gives me a detention, and as a bonus I will be joined by Malfoy” I said, gritting my teeth at the recent events, I scrunched my hair up and then looked up.
“UNLUCKYYYY!” Fred shouted, smirking at me, I glared at him in return.
“Who’s unlucky?” Harry asked, replacing his glasses on and taking a seat on one the red sofa’s.
“Amy’s earned herself a detention with Snape” Fred explained. “And Malfoy” He added, Harry raised his eyebrow at me and then gave me a warning looking, a look that said ‘Don’t do anything stupid’ I flicked him off with my hand and laid myself back in a chair, getting comfy whilst I whisked out ‘Blood Brothers: My Life Amongst The Vampires’ It was actually quite an interesting book, it was written by Eldred Worple and it included a load of interesting interviews with an unknown vampire. I was one of the last people to make my way to bed, I don’t know why, I just couldn’t sleep because there was an unknown thing knocking in my brain, trying to tell my something maybe it would figure itself out in the morning.

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