Forbidden Lovers

Amy Lily Potter is the twin of Harry Potter, she is alot different to her brother being short tempered, sly and ambitious, nobody knew how she got into Gryffindor. Her hatred for a certain Draco Malfoy is famous across Hogwarts and nobody know why they haven't killed eachother yet. But what happens when detention brings the squabbling pair together?


2. 2 - You May Gain Yourself A Few Enemies

I rolled over and sighed, spotting the picture of Ced and I immediately, I pulled my arm out of the warm duvet and grabbed the picture, bringing it close to me. I felt the memories of us together flood back, our first kiss, our first dance, I smiled as I hugged the picture closer, closing my eyes.

“Amy, come on! We are going down to breakfast soon!” I dropped the picture of the carpet and it clattered to a stop as Hermione’s voice filled my ears. I sighed and whipped the duvet off me, letting the cool air around me touch my skin, I walked towards the windows and opened it up, the sound of birds filled the room.

“I’ll be down in half an hour! We’re still going to Hogsmeade aren’t we?” I replied, my voice sounded croaky, I coughed and reached for one of the disgusting tea tree cough sweets.

“Yep, I need to go to the Post Office there, Ron needs his wand repaired and Harry’s tagging along so we might go to Honeydukes and some other places as well” Hermione said, soon I heard her footsteps walking down the stairs, I quickly got to work and started to brush my hair, king out all of the knots, placing the hair brush down I went to the bathroom washing and splashing water on my face. After I applied my make up I walked out towards my wardrobe, pulling out some pale blue jeans, a pale pink/cream t-shirt and a sleeveless denim jacket I patted my clothes down as I twirled around in my outfit, I then placed some black boots on and picked up a dark red bag, placing it on my shoulder, I skipped down the stairs seeing my three good friends sitting on the sofas in the common room.

“You guys ready or do you just want to fall asleep?” I said, folding my arms, twisting my hips to the side.

“Why do you girls take so long?” Ron groaned as we made our way down the stairs, dodging people as we went on our way, Hermione soon whacked him around the head, a sign to shut up. “What?” Ron exclaimed, not a clue why what he said was offensive to us girls.

“We need to make ourselves look presentable Ron, we need to feel ok, since society is putting pressure on us” I sighed, reaching in my pocket and pulling out the map, looking at the shops. “Hey guys, whilst you go and do your jobs, mind if I go and look in a couple of shops by myself?” I said, placing the map in my bag.

“Yeah, that’s cool do you all want to meet up at Honeydukes at 11?” Harry said, pulling me into a hug. We all agreed to that and went on our way, Hermione to the post office/owlery and Ron and Harry to the repairs shop, me? I was off to the famous Maestro’s music shop, wanting to buy a new guitar, Dominic –who owned the shop- had won awards for his music and I had become close friends with him over the past nine months, eight months ago had been Ced’s death and I was doing so much better, allowing people to become friends with me and my anger soon died down too, but I wasn’t too flexible, I would refuse to date anyone, I would never get close with anyone romantically, it was too dangerous, Voldemort may try to kill them to get me to fall and fail, but that would never happen.

I was dragged away from my thoughts as I walked into the small shop and was greeted by Dom, he asked me how I was and guided me to his polished wooden desk.

“I was wondering if my guitar was finished, I would love to play it soon” I said, leaning on the desk.

“Ah, yes yes yes..” He kept on going on walking to the back of his shop, I let out a small giggle as he came back talking to himself. “Here you go Amy, one finished guitar, I should warn you not to play it to loud, I think you may gain yourself a few enemies” He warned, handing me a beautifully furnished dark green guitar, I handed over the money, jumping out of my skin with excitement, I ran out of the shop and shouted my goodbye, making my way to the next shop.

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