Forbidden Lovers

Amy Lily Potter is the twin of Harry Potter, she is alot different to her brother being short tempered, sly and ambitious, nobody knew how she got into Gryffindor. Her hatred for a certain Draco Malfoy is famous across Hogwarts and nobody know why they haven't killed eachother yet. But what happens when detention brings the squabbling pair together?


1. 1 - Heart Of Steel

I sat there with Luna at my side, waiting for Harry and Ced to come back.
"Hey, this game doesn't kill people does it Luna" I asked, turning my head away from the warm, delicious food in my hand.
"Not that I have heard of, though there are people who have hurt themselves, though I shouldn't worry Harry and your boyfriend should be back soon" She said, not even looking up from one of those strange books she always seems to have, this one was about Nargles, I sighed looking back towards the empty centre of the arena.
I shivered as the air gradually got colder and the sky slowly got darker, it had been two hours. That Fleur girl had been back first, of course she was back first she was a wimp, no offence, the second person back was Viktor Krum, the girls all drooled over the guy although I never saw anything in him, maybe that was because I had the most amazing boyfriend, I smiled thinking about me and Ced, chuckled at the memory of us having a snowball fight and him kissing me, he made me happy al the time and always protected me if anyone decided to mess with us, though I never liked to be protected because I had already had my fare share of battles with a certain annoying git named Malfoy, basically everyone knew about us and our 'squobbles' as teachers liked to call it. 

I stood up as a swirl of blue entered my sight and filled the arena. Harry and Ced were spat out with the cup tumbling out afterwards I grinned realizing the two most important people that I loved were back, but my smile soon faltered and I screamed, letting out a wail of despair, Harry was moving, his face was tortured, like he had just witnessed death and there was Ced, lying there. Motionless. Dead. His eyes wide open and filled with panic. I stumbled through the now panicked crowd, pushing my way past Fleur, almost to the ground. I collapsed next to Harry, my vision blurred by the tears pouring out of my eyes, someone tried to pull me away but I pushed them away, grabbing Ced's hand, leaning my head against his cold chest, I let out another wail of despair as Harry pulled my head into his chest, my grasp on Ced's hand still firm.
"I'm sorry... I tried to stop him... Amy he's back... Voldemort is back" I said, his word rasping out. I lifted my head, my crying stopped abruptly, I let go of Ced's cold hands and I looked straight into Harry's truth telling eyes, there was no lie that he was telling. Instead of feeling despair and sadness I startled to feel anger and a pit of revenge deep within in me. Voldemort was going to pay. Dearly.
We both got pulled away by MadEye, telling us it was ok and that he had something to tell us.

I woke up gasping, sweat falling down my face and body, another nightmare, another memory that I didn't want I fell back in my boiling hot pillow and looked to my right, I felt no expression on my face. It had been a month, A month without Ced, a month of Harry being told he was a liar and a month full of nightmares, sometimes I thought I wouldn't carry on, but I did. I just don't trust myself with love anymore, I promised a week after Ced's death that I would never fall in love again because I am scared they would die or turn against me. People now knew me as the girl with a heart of steel.

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