Can't stop thinking about you.....

This is a story about Emily. In highschool she met Harry styles and they fell in love but only to find out he had another girlfriend. When they both become famous Harry started to fall for her again but what will happen when she starts to date one of his best friends?


2. Chapter 1

I shot out of bed screaming from the dreams I've been having since I was a little girl.
I didn't want to wake anybody up so I slipped out of bed and turned on the tv. What I saw next was not a great way to start my day. I saw one direction do t get me wrong I like one direction but I hate Harry styles! It all started a few Years ago... * flashback* I was walking down the hallway when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and was greeted by a cheeky smile I knew who this was. Harry's pov. Wow she is hot I told my best friend Ed i'm going to ask her out!.ed's pov. Harry wait! You have a girlfriend remember! .harry's pov. So I do t care i'm breaking up with her

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