This is me. This is what I feel. This is my life.

This is what I feel like..


2. Unwanted

Am I unwanted,

here in my land?

Am I unseen,

here where I lie?

Am I to harsh,

where I rule?


Do you not need me,

when I need you most?

Do you not trust me,

when I am most trustworthy?

Do you not want me,

when I want you?


Where is the love,

I once had?

Where is my family,

I once knew?

Where is my knowledge,

I once misused?


When did this happen,

exiled from home?

When did I lose you,

Gone again?

When did I cry,

to be let back in?


Why would you do this,

un love me?

Why did I fail,

when I had so much trust?

Why am I unwanted?

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