This is me. This is what I feel. This is my life.

This is what I feel like..


4. She was hurt.. By you..

Why? Is a question every person asks in their life,

not knowing whysomething is happening.


Whyis she picking on me, 

the girl asks.

Whyam I so bad that,

she has to hut me.

Whydo words hurt,

like a blow to the face?


Whydo I have to be the target,

while your words are like the shooting of arrows?

Whydo you make me hurt myself,

when the only thing you have on me are words?

Whyam I more terrible than you,

what made you better than me?


Think of whythat is, 

then get back to me.

Think of you are better than them, 

does it really matter?

Think of why they deserve to suffer,

and you get to live free.


Why? Ask yourself that.


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