This is me. This is what I feel. This is my life.

This is what I feel like..


1. Closed and Forgotten

I used to think that nobody cares,

people treating me like they do.

I used to think my Mother hates me,

Her treating me like she does.

I used to think I have no friends,

people ignoring me like they do.


I wanted to hide in my shell,

never let anyone see me.

I wanted to stay calm,

focus on things that were distracting.

I wanted to make them happy,

making myself miserable.


I now know people care,

I just have to be me and stick up for what I want.

I now know my Mother never understood me,

me hiding who I really am.

I now know had many friends, 

I was just pushing them away.


I want to be noticed,

to come out and be seen.

I want to freak out,

focus on things fun and good.

I want to make me happy,

not be someone else I am not for them.


I know I am not perfect,

I never said I was.

I had to be me,

for me not for you.

I was just scared,

now I don't know what I was scared of.


I used to be closed and forgotten,

now I am out and understood.


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