Dream a Better Dream ~A Niall Horan Fanfic~

Allie Styles. She is forced by her mum to go on tour with her brother. She loves their band. She will always will be their number one fan.


3. My room and lunch ~Allie's POV~

         I slowly walked into the room where I was staying. I looked at my bed. A lovely green comferter. The walls were Neon Yellow. I had mahgony drawers and dressers. I went into my bathroom. A new straightener along with new makeup and a large tub/shower. Of course a toilet was included. I smiled as I felt Harry wrap his arms around my neck. "Curls you better not." I said, a smirk on my lips."Or what?" He paused "Non-Curly" I chuckled. I made him release his grip than pinned him. Louis had just walked in. "DOG PILE!" He had shouted. Louis sat his big bum on my back and smiled. "LIAM, ZAYN, NIALL! COME IN ALLIE'S ROOM!" He yelled. They saw him sitting on us. They joined him.

         About an hour later it was lunch time and we were going to Nando's. I put on my cute Hollister top that has green and black stripes and cute hollister shorts. I got whistles from the lads and chuckled. "I am just in some normal girl clothing." I said smiling. I grabbed my phone and got in the car. I sat in Harry's car and listened to my music on my phone. I text my mom and let her know I am here. She doesnt respond. "Love you too, mom" Harry said. I look at him confused. "What?"

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