One Afternoon in Wiltshire

There's a small market town in Britain near a military airbase, and it is where the bodies of British servicemen were returned from. The whole town turned out to show respect, and give support for the families.


1. One Afternoon in Wiltshire

          One Afternoon in Wiltshire

          He lay

          Arms outstretched

          Running his fingers

         Through the sand.

          The morning sun warmed his back

          And for a moment he was a child again

          On Cromer Sands

          Building a castle against the tide.

          Then he saw the ground move,

          Saw the blinding flash

         But heard no sound.


          She stood

          On the tarmac

          Hands tightly clasped

          Nervously twisting her wedding ring.

          The afternoon sun warmed her back

          And for a moment

          She was a bride again

          Dressed in white

          Holding her bouquet against her breast.

          Then she saw the coffin move,

          Saw the blinding flash of blue red and white.

          Her tears flowed

          But she made no sound.

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