Scratch (Larry Stylinson)

Life behind bars isn't exactly the ideal living arrangement.

Harry thought he was doing the right thing taking the blame for his gang mates.

He thought they would bust him out.

But he was wrong.

Louis was in there for all the right reasons.

He had no where else to go.

So what happens when the two boys have nothing else to strive for.

When the only thing keeping them going is each other?

Cell mate love.

You've heard of it before.

But you've never heard of it like this


2. Nick.


“Run kid! Are you insane?” Danny yelled at Harry as the sounds of sirens flooded Harry’s ears, the boy who had never held a fire arm in his life was now holding one in his sweaty hands after Lawson, the gang leader had handed it over to him and fled the scene. Harry didn’t know what to do, or where to go, so there he was standing there like a lost puppy, stuck on the spot like an idiot.

“Run!” Danny screamed into his face as he ran straight past the younger boy, sprinting down the main strip of London as he and all the others fled. Harry was still standing there trying to figure out what to do when the police walked in, weapons armed straight at him. “Put the gun down, and raise your hands above your head!” The cop yelled, he knew if he listened to the police he wouldn’t get into so much trouble, carefully the gun was placed on the ground. He took a step back before lifting his arms into the air, two of the men ran over to him, slapping cuffs around his wrists without warning, slapping fear onto the young boy. They had no idea that he was just a pawn in the game, they had no idea that Harry had only come along to observe.

He was frightened, those guys he had thought as family had deserted him, and now he had no idea what was going to happen, and he still didn’t. He was laid back on his prison bed, looking up at the boring, cracked ceiling. Louis was humming to himself on the other side of the room, he didn’t mind too much – Louis could hum in tune at least.

“What did you set on fire?” He asked out of the blue, rolling over onto his side so he was facing the chiselled boy, looking over into his bright blue eyes. It was funny, those eyes reminded Harry of someone he knew back on the streets, a girl he knew quite well. He didn’t dwell on the past, instead he repeated the question this time receiving an answer from the other lad.

Louis let a small chuckle escape his lips before he sat up, letting his singlet fall back into place. “A Few cop cars, local toilets, ya know anything really.” He shrugged before laying back down, his back was acting up. After months of sleeping on that hard mattress Louis had found it was slowly giving him back pain like an old man. He hated it, but what could he do? He was a prisoner he wasn’t staying at a five star hotel or anything bizarre like that. This was the big house where all of London’s under 25’s were escorted to straight after being found guilty, whether they were or not.

In Harry’s case, his fingerprints were left on the gun, the same gun that Lawson had fired during the robbery, when he shot an innocent person in the foot. Harry had a theory, he knew Lawson could kill anyone he wanted, but Harry thought for sure that maybe that day he wanted to change, that’s why he only aimed for the lady’s foot.  For that assumption alone, Harry was happy to take the blame for his mates, he knew that’s what the brotherhood was all about, having each other’s back, and making sure you kept that rule at all times.

“You will meet plenty of people worse than me kid, trust me.” Louis snorted as he rolled back over to face the wall. Harry knew he was right, he knew there were many dangerous many lurking behind the musky smelling walls, he had heard them while he was being led down the narrow corridor, back then he was too scared to talk to the guard, but now he was thinking maybe he should have.

As if reading his mind, their iron door was unlocked, as a guard stood there waiting for them, Harry had no idea what was going on. He slipped his shoes back on and walked out into the corridor. Louis wasn’t far behind him, he held his wrists out to be chained up again, but noticed Louis wasn’t doing the same, this place was confusing, he had no clue as to where they were going or why, and to be honest it scared him like hell.

The pair of them were guided to an outdoor cage, where other prisoners were either sitting around smoking together or lifting weights. There were one pair that caught Harry’s eye, over in the left corner stood too boys, sucking face. It’s not like Harry had never seen a gay couple before it was just weird seeing too prisoners being so passionate towards each other. The one with a shaved head was clutching the other ones bum, as the unnatural blonde ran his hands underneath his shirt. It wasn’t until Louis snapped his fingers in front of Harry’s face did he notice that he had been staring.

“You know staring at gay men only give people the impression that you are gay also.” Louis teased as he sat down in front of Zayn, waiting for his friend to deal out the cards. Harry sat down beside them, watching as Zayn shuffled the deck. “I’m Zayn” He grunted, as he handed out the cards evenly.

“Harry” He said sweetly, just as another prisoner walked over, that prisoner was the one and only Nick Grimshaw, Harry had seen Nick on television when he was arrested for assaulting a police over at a party. Harry remembered him because of the one strand of blue hair that Nick kept in his hair, it was still there, as blue as ever, the roots had grown but it still didn’t look bad.

“Hey new guy.” He nodded as he sat down beside him. “Nick” He introduced himself, holding his hand out for the younger boy to shake. “You have a firm grip.” He said cheekily once Harry had pulled his hand back, Harry didn’t know that Nick was the biggest flirt in the prison, he had shagged at least half the men in the precinct, half of which claimed to be straight before they were convicted. Louis knew that look in Nick’s eye and he couldn’t help but feel sorry for the poor kid, once Nick had someone in his eye, he didn’t stop at anything before getting what he wanted, Louis just hoped Harry knew what to do.


“Thank-you?” Harry chuckled as Nick flashed him one of his famous smiles. “Trust me, it’s a good thing.” Nick laughed, as Zayn handed them all cigarettes, Harry gladly took one. He hadn’t been able to smoke since his arrest, and boy had he been craving one, as soon as it hit his lips and the end had been lit, he let out a glory filled moan, not caring who was watching.

The boys played cards until it was time to go back to their cells, Nick squeezed Harry’s bum on the way out causing him to jump and squirm and for Louis to laugh at him. The safety of their cell gave the two boys somewhere to talk without anyone listening in. “Just a warning, I would be careful around Nick, he can be a bit persistent.”  Louis told him with a concerned voice, Harry had no idea what he was talking about but he promised to be careful.  It’s not like he couldn’t take care of himself, right?

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