Scratch (Larry Stylinson)

Life behind bars isn't exactly the ideal living arrangement.

Harry thought he was doing the right thing taking the blame for his gang mates.

He thought they would bust him out.

But he was wrong.

Louis was in there for all the right reasons.

He had no where else to go.

So what happens when the two boys have nothing else to strive for.

When the only thing keeping them going is each other?

Cell mate love.

You've heard of it before.

But you've never heard of it like this


1. Harry Styles, Robber.


As soon as Harry heard his sentence he knew his life would change forever. He eye balled every guard who dared look his way as he was escorted down the musky halls. He didn't deserve to be in prison, there was no way. He didn't deserve the sentence, he hadn't even been there to commit the crime, but being the youngest member of the Bang Gang, he was a target. 


When Nick dobbed him in, Harry just went with it, it hadn't mattered that he thought of Nick like a brother, it hadn't mattered about anything else. He was the sacrifice, he only hoped that next time there wouldn't be anyone like him. He hoped that next time they would all get caught. 


Harry's guard rounded him around corners, he didn't bother counting them all but it was a high number. His cuffs were hurting his wrists but he knew better than to complain. He eagerly watched the man unlock the door that he assumed to be his room. He was pushed inside, his cuffs unlocked before the door was slammed shut once more. 


He turned around, wanting to see what a prison cell was actually like, he had only seen them in the movies, never dreaming that he would have to be in one in his lifetime. 


What startled him wasn't the fact that there was another prisoner in his room, what startled him was the fact that this said prisoner, had his hands down his pants and had a look on his face that proved that he was thoroughly enjoying himself. 


"So, is that the only fun thing to do around here?" Harry asked quietly, causing the lad to spring his hand out of his pants and blush furiously. 


"Shit." He heard the boy mutter as a photograph fell onto the floor. Harry noticed the picture, it was a beautiful blonde woman, he assumed to be the boy's girlfriend. 


"I'm Harry, I didn't realize we would be sharing a room, nobody said anything but I guess they don't really talk much about prison on the outside." He chuckled awkwardly. 


Louis wiped his hand on his trousers, smiling up at Harry as he sat down on the other bed. Harry had always pictured prison as having bunk beds, but it didn't seem to be the case. The two beds were bolted to the floor, probably so they couldn't use it to hurt each other, there was no other furniture in the room besides a a toilet seat in the far corner, Harry gulped, not only did it offer no privacy, it looked awfully cold to sit on. 


"I'm Louis Tomlinson, arsonist." He held his other hand out for Harry to shake. Harry admired how he had just offered up his crime, like there was no secrets between them. 


"Harry Styles, robber?" He said it as if he was asking Louis for the answer, he didn't know what to call himself since he was innocent. He remembered sitting in court, listening to the prosecutors listing everything that he supposedly did. He remembered avoiding his mother's crying face in the crowd as she listened to her baby being described as a criminal. 


"You don't sound too sure." Louis chuckled, picking up the photograph and hiding it under his pillow once more. Harry shook his head, he didn't know what to tell this guy, they told him not to trust anybody on the inside, but Louis just had this feel about him. 


"I just didn't know what to call it." He said casually, leaning back onto the uncomfortable mattress that he would be calling his own for the next eighteen months at least. He watched Louis as he closed his eyes, probably wishing he could get to sleep, he imagined nights would be tough in there, but he was thankful to have Louis there just in case. He was only 17, barely old enough to finish school. This was an adult world and he was scared shitless.  

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