Welcome To Straight Camp

When the parents of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Nick Grimshaw, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik heard about Straight Camp, they all thought of the same thing.

None of them understood the pain their son's went through each and everyday, all they saw was sin. Which is what they were brought up to believe.

It's at Straight Camp where the motto is 'Think Straight' and the punishments were absurd, where these six boys are challenged, they are there with the intention of tricking them out of homosexuality.

Little do the staff know, that romance is already blossoming behind the closed doors of Cabin 382.


2. Niall's Boyfriend.


Niall knew he liked boys from a young age, when he was twelve he knew it wasn't just a phase, he had always been embarrassed by the way he always peaked at his friends when they were in the bathroom, he always thought he was dirty, like that wasn't normal and he needed to be fixed. He would never, ever tell his mother about it, she would surely call him naughty.


Now just months away from his 17th birthday, Niall was heartbroken, his boyfriend Josh had broken his heart, he was now spread out on the floor of his room surrounded by every item of his wardrobe that reminded him of the boy. The pair of sneakers he had drawn hearts on that day as they watched the footie game down at the local RSL club, that very day Niall had received his first love bite, right under his chin. He was very proud of it and he knew Josh was impressed by his handiwork as well.


He held his favourite green shirt between his fingers, taking in the familiar scent of the boy who owned his heart, why this? Why now? He had asked himself a mission times. The tissues that filled his waste bin were only a small indication of how broken he really was.

Was it fair that he was falling apart while Josh seemed to be walking free without any signs of breaking. Niall’s heart ached, longing to be loved, longing for those nights they stayed up talking, or the times they kissed on the couch, waiting until their parents were just about to walk in before springing apart.  All those giggles they shared, and the secrets they kept, all the things they promised were all buried beneath the shallow grave Niall had buried his hopes and dreams in. His eyes stung, the skin of his cheeks were red raw from the crying, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Not without having Josh back in his arms, not without feeling love again.


"Niall! Let me in!" His mother called through the door, his room didn't have a lock, which was why he had pushed his chest of drawers across the wooden frame to stop anyone trying to come in. He wasn't going to kill himself, he just needed alone time.


At first he didn't answer, the words just wouldn't form, instead an emotional choke of well deserved tears croaked out as a muffled groan. His mother was mighty persistent, banging on the door and calling out to him for a few extra minutes.


He knew if he wanted to be alone he had to talk to her even if it was for only a few minutes. With that thought in mind he forced himself off the floor to push the furniture out of the way.


"What do you want?" He asked once his bedroom door was opened, she looked around the room, taking an eyeful of the mess. He knew she hated Josh, he always knew that. He was just grateful that she had the heart not to be rude to his face all that time.


"Honey, look at you. You're a mess." She sighed, cupping his tear stained cheeks in her hands. He looked up into her eyes and saw his horror stricken reflection. He blinked, not realizing how bad he looked before hand, the avoidance of mirrors was easy when you didn't own one.


"Did it hurt this much for you?" He whispered, his parents had divorced when he was only young, he couldn't remember her healing process, did she hurt as much as him? Was it harder knowing he cheated on her?


There was no set reason why Josh had broken up with him, it was just a simple 'We aren't good for each other anymore' No further explanation, no other boyfriend, or betrayal. Just six stupid words, that hardly made any sense to him.


His mother sighed, pulling him in for a hug, planting motherly kisses across his forehead, he wanted to cry into  her arms like he did as a child, but no tears would form. He was all teared out, something he would never in a million years expect Josh to be able to cause.


"Do you want to go away this summer?" She whispered, perking up his attention. A whole summer away from all the memories, away from Josh and everything that they ever did. His bedroom was full of moments, when they first saw each other naked, the first time Josh told him he loved him, and that time they took each other’s virginities. It was all boxed off in the one room, decorated with year’s worth of valentines gifts.


"Like a family holiday?" He whispered, longing for the days as a child where he and Greg would sing silly songs in the back seat as their parents drove them to faraway lands, ready for family filled adventures.


"I was thinking more of a summer camp, where you can interact with other people your own age." She said sweetly, he took in every word she said, thinking she was finally letting him be free, letting him be a person.

He nodded, leaving Josh for a while would be a good thing right? He needed the distraction and anything would do. “Sure, where is it?” He asked softly, sniffing in from his nose as he looked back up into her eyes. “England, but your father promised to pay for the transport.” A smile crawled across his lips at the mention of his Dad, they never talked, so maybe this was a sign of hope, maybe something good was going to come from all this?

Little did he know, she was taking away his freedom, taking away his right to be different. Maybe she thought it would help him get over his first love, or maybe she thought it was her best chance of curing him. Whatever her reason, whatever she was scheming, Niall was in for a summer that would change his life for good, a summer that would take Josh right out of his mind. 

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