Welcome To Straight Camp

When the parents of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Nick Grimshaw, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik heard about Straight Camp, they all thought of the same thing.

None of them understood the pain their son's went through each and everyday, all they saw was sin. Which is what they were brought up to believe.

It's at Straight Camp where the motto is 'Think Straight' and the punishments were absurd, where these six boys are challenged, they are there with the intention of tricking them out of homosexuality.

Little do the staff know, that romance is already blossoming behind the closed doors of Cabin 382.


4. Louis' Browser History

Everyone was surprised when Louis broke up with his long time girlfriend Vanessa six months prior. He had never mentioned to split to anyone even though the pair had been together since they were 12, now at 17 everyone just assumed they grew apart, but not Louis. He knew exactly why they had broken up. 

Ever since Chad, the high school basketball star had dropped his towel in front of Louis in the locker room, he had started thinking about boys in the way he should have been thinking about his girlfriend. 

It came to a point where he even pretended that he was kissing a boy every time they snogged. He hated the way he felt as if he was using her, he hated leading her on which was why he had to end it, and soon. 

She left in tears when he couldn't even explain why, he just didn't have it in him to tell her the truth, or to break her heart. He was a gentleman, and always had been. Sure he was the class clown, always getting into trouble in class but when it came to relationships he was Mr. Respectful. 

It was a Sunday afternoon, his mother and sisters were out at the shops buying a few last minute things before the weekend ended and Louis decided this was as good a time as any other. 

He opened a new tab on his internet and typed into his search engine. 'gay sex positions' his eyes widened at the results, he was filled with mixed emotions, one was fear - did liking boys mean he had to do all of that? In a way it made him anxious, he felt his willy throbbing inside his pants, that was a sign right? It meant he liked what he saw? 

He wasn't sure, he kept looking down at all the pictures, trying to imagine doing it with all the hot celebrities he knew of, was this really what he wanted?

He jumped in the air when he heard his family walk back into the house. He closed his laptop and jumped back onto his bed to pretend to do his homework, his mother walked into his room and threw a few new shirts over to him. "Look what I found half price Lou!" She said with a giant smile, he looked up, returning her smile as he looked through the clothes that were now in his grasp, he always loved getting new clothes, he preferred shopping for them himself, but he loved presents all the same.

"Thanks!" He said as he took his shirt off to slip one of the new ones on excitedly. He walked over to his mirror and looked at himself, admiring how great it looked. Jay laughed as she watched her son, he looked so happy for once since the break up. 

"Hey Lottie's laptop is getting repaired, do you think she could borrow yours to finish her assessment?" She asked, Louis was too busy to remember he hadn't closed his internet search, he nodded his head as he changed into the next shirt. 

Jay took the laptop and headed down the hallway to her daughter's room. Everything was fine, Louis tried on a few more shirts, before he heard the screaming. 

He ran straight to Lottie's room, to find his mother had too come to the rescue. "What is it my darling?" Jay asked, rushing to sit by her side. Lottie closed her eyes, as if she was trying to block something from her mind. 

That was when Louis got it, his laptop was open on the desk on the other side of the room, on the screen pornographic photographs of naked men were displayed. His mother took one look at the screen, and another glance at her son before she snapped.

"Louis! What if it were Daisy who had seen this? What were you thinking looking up this filth in my house?" She snapped, shutting his laptop and shoving it into his arms. 

"I am calling your father." She said in her disappointment voice, Louis knew that he was in trouble, his parents weren't together so she meant business. She never called his dad unless she had to, so all he could do was go back to his room and wait. 

His mother didn't talk to him until after dinner, Louis hadn't even gone down to dinner, which was why he was surprised to see his mother walking back into his room with a plate of pasta and a printed out copy of 'Straight Camp's information list. 

"This is what your father decided." She whispered as she handed him the forms. "I'm not sure it's the best idea, but at least we will know what's going on, right?" She asked, Louis nodded unable to speak. Was that it? Was she just going to let his dad ship him off to straight camp? What the hell was straight camp anyway? He asked himself as he skipped through the pages.

"Do I have to go?" He whined, once he had read through enough to make him sick. She looked into his eyes, leaning over to kiss his cheek. "Yes boo, you have to go." She said softly, Louis knew she was trying not to cry so he nodded his head. He didn't want to go, but at least he would do it for her.

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