Welcome To Straight Camp

When the parents of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Nick Grimshaw, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik heard about Straight Camp, they all thought of the same thing.

None of them understood the pain their son's went through each and everyday, all they saw was sin. Which is what they were brought up to believe.

It's at Straight Camp where the motto is 'Think Straight' and the punishments were absurd, where these six boys are challenged, they are there with the intention of tricking them out of homosexuality.

Little do the staff know, that romance is already blossoming behind the closed doors of Cabin 382.


7. Boys Will Be Boys

Louis chuckled as he read the paper in front of him. He leaned over to Liam to show him the name. He was happy then Liam rolled his eyes as a response. 

"Who is Taylor?" Harry asked, laying back against the carpet and crossing his legs. Louis looked over at the boy curiously, wondering if his cat whispering story had been real, or if he was pulling his leg. 

"I will swap you Danielle for Taylor." Louis announced, grabbing Harry's paper and throwing his down in protest. Harry chuckled, but happily took the slip in his hand. 

Caroline didn't say they couldn't swap when she had left the room, all she said was pick a name and note it down on the notepad. 

The quiet kid, Zayn looked over at them but he didn't utter a word. "Who have you got?" Louis asked, nodding at him. He turned his paper around to reveal a name. 'Perrie Edwards.' Louis let out a laugh, he actually had a good time on the bus with Perrie, but he knew she was a big handful.

Zayn smiled sweetly, before crawling back to his bed in the corner. None of the boys made a deal out of it, and Louis made it his job to write down everyone's buddy on the folder that Caroline had left them. 

"Niall who have you got?" He asked, clutching the folder in his hands. Niall looked up and read out his name. "Cher Lloyd." He said with a funny expression. Louis pulled the pen out from behind his ear and scribbled messily 'Niall and Cher' before turning his attentions over to Nick. 

"Nicholas, whom may your female companion be?" He asked with a raised eyebrow, laying down on his stomach, pushing the folder in front of himself, as he looked up at the strange boy with wide majestic eyes. 

"Rita Ora." He spoke huskily, throwing his balled up slip at Louis' face, hitting the poor lad in the eye socket. 

"Oh hell!" He winced, throwing it back at him with one eye covered, missing Nick completely without any guided aim.

"Who is next?" Louis asked, looking over to see Liam, who he already knew. "Eleanor Calder." Louis said remembering. He scribbled down Liam's match before turning to Harry. "You want Taylor or Danielle? i have no idea who that Taylor bird is, but we met Dani on the bus and she talks a lot." He snorted looking over at Liam who was nodding his head in agreement. 

"I think I will go with Taylor, a bit of mystery never hurt anyone." Harry replied earnestly. He hadn't bothered talking to any girls on his bus, he was too busy flirting with boys to notice that there even were any females around them. 

Louis wrote down the rest of the information, throwing the folder across the floor, followed by the projection of a flying pen. He glanced over at Nick, before throwing a pillow at the boy's face. "I will get you back Grimshaw." He promised with a sly smile. 

Caroline soon returned with camp t'shirts, handing them all one each, Harry's was green, Niall's was orange, Liam's blue, Louis' red, Nick's pink and Zayn's purple. 

"You are all divided into groups for activities, each colour represents a different group." She explained, as she handed them all hats with the same colours. 

"So we are all separated then?" Niall asked, as he slipped the shirt on over his singlet top. Caroline nodded, picking up the folder from her feet. 

"Yeah, I just need to run this over to the girls group next door. See you in a bit yeah?" They all nodded as she left the room once again.

"They weren't kidding when they said we were only sleeping in the same room." Liam said with a groan, he was laying stomach down on his bed, his voice slightly muffled as it left his mouth.

"They think we are all sex obsessed." Niall said with a laugh, Louis watched his new cabin mates and smiled, they didn't seem so bad, he could see them becoming close friends and fast. 

Harry interrupted his thoughts by throwing a pillow at his face this time. He was sitting beside Nick, the pair of them giggled at Louis' reaction. 

He didn't know if there was something going on, but he sure hoped not. They just didn't seem right for each other in his opinion. He looked down at the slip in his pocket once more, maybe Danielle would be fun to get to know, at least she wouldn't hit on any of his friends.

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