No Strings Attached

A Side Story from popular series, including Baby Tommo, Mrs Tommo, The Tommo's and She's a Tommo.

This is Zayn and Ashley's story.


Zayn had his heart broken a million times before, he tried to keep a brave face in front of the camera's, in front of his friends. So when he meets Ashley everything seemed perfect. She knew all the right things to say, she listened when he spoke, and most importantly she was a great lover...

But what he didn't know, what he couldn't see, was the fact that this relationship was no accident. She was told to make him fall in love with her and that's exactly what she did.


1. Her Name Was Ashley


Ashley's P.O.V                   As soon as I got the call I knew what I had to do. I carefully searched the contents of my closet in search of the bare necessitates I would need in the city. Sure I was contracted a new wardrobe once I had arrived in L.A but it was always a comfort to have something comfortable, something familiar in a world of unfamiliarity. There wasn’t much time my flight was to leave in less than an hour so I scrambled across my entire apartment looking for anything that I thought I would need for the next few months.                     It wasn’t long after the phone call when the car pulled up down in the street and desperately started honking a horn to make sure i knew it was time to leave. I didn’t want to anger the driver so I made sure my last look around the room wasn’t too time consuming. A sigh escaped my freshly applied lips when out of the corner of my eye I spotted the latest edition of my favourite magazine. I felt pangs in my heart when I looked directly at Zayn, he looked so happy and innocent which was what made this all harder. I had to make him fall for me without falling for him first.   ***    I tapped my foot up and down, clicked the end of my pen with my fingers. I had the job of pretending to be an assistant. I had no idea why I had agreed to do this but here I was first day on the job. I was nervous Zayn was due to stop by this morning and I knew that meant it was only the beginning. It came to a point where I had to sit on my hands to stop them from shakily severely. Honestly I had no idea why this was such a big deal. All I wanted was an easy job to score easy money that had nothing to do with drugs. When this came up I had to take it, I mean not every girl has the chance of having one of the most famous boys on the planet falling in love with them right?       I was getting way ahead of myself though, what if he doesn’t fall for me? What if the article doesn’t work? I’d have to go home to my family…       I shuddered at the thought of moving back in with my parents.       “Excuse me?” A male voice interrupted my inner thoughts; I looked up startled to see him standing there in front of me. Girlishly I started to fiddle with my hair. My whole body began to swim inside of me. This was the moment – the very first impression, he’d remember this moment forever if our plan worked so I had to make it count.       “How can I help you Mr—“I stopped, waiting for him to tell me his name. It was all part of the scheme. I had to make him think that I had no idea who he was, I had to make him fall for me, and make him confess his inner mind.       “Malik, uh Zayn’s fine.” He smiled running a hand through his hair. I couldn’t help but notice the way his muscles bulged as he flexed in that direction. I could feel myself starting to calm, I could do this! He’s hot and I’m single I could so do him.       “What?” he asked looking a little confused, I started to blush furiously wondering what the hell had just happened.       “You said.” He started to laugh, unable to finish what I’d apparently said to him. “You said ‘I could so do him’” he laughed and now I understood.       “Oh my gosh, I didn’t…well not that I wouldn’t, but wow I’m just going to shut up now before I say anything more embarrassing.” I banged my head against the desk in front of me, and he stopped laughing. I dared to look up to him, brave as I was.       “No, don’t shut up.” He said with a smile. My cheeks were still red, my heart was pounding. I just couldn’t help it, its Zayn freaking Malik!       “So um I guess I should again ask you what you needed right?” I asked with a smirk, and stared down at my laptop and back up at his gorgeous eyes once more.       “Oh yeah, maybe you should.” He seemed distracted as if he’d forgotten the reason why he was here in the first place. “Oh that’s right. I’m here to see Michael.” He softly scratched the side of his face with his thumb, and I entered Michael’s name into the computer.       “He’s just come out of a meeting, I’ll page him now.” I told him. He looked thankful.       “Thanks.”       “Okay, so he’s ready for you in his office, I’ll take you there?” I asked, hopping up from my wheeled chair. He followed me down the hallway, he was three steps behind me, don’t ask me how I knew this – I just did.       “Here we are.” I gestured towards the closed door. He smiled at me, before hesitating in front of the room.       “What’s your name?” he asked, and I sighed. This plan was working already and I didn’t even know how I felt about it.       “Ashley, my name’s Ashley.” I smiled sweetly he took one last look at me before opening the door.       “I should go and get back to work.” I told him pointing down the hall, he nodded and we both turned away from each other.  
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