One Summer (One Direction)

Annabelle has never been in love, never had her first kiss, her mother has been all she's had for a very long time. Living inside a hospital room isn't exactly the greatest way to meet people. So what happens when she meets the one person that she never wants to forget, on the last summer of her life


9. Louis


“Hey Annabelle.” I said to her, giving her my best attempt of a smile, she was very beautiful just as Harry had told me earlier, you could see that even through her stressed, face. Her hair was shaven...well really it wasn’t but I liked to pretend that everyone here who didn’t have hair were just really intrigued by baldness it somehow made this experience more bearable.


 She sat down on the chair that was sitting crooked beside my bed. I noticed the scars on her arm probably from the main needles she’s suffered through. I cringed at the thought of one day me being just like her. Was I really that selfish? Thinking about myself when there were many others in the same situation as me, some ever worse, children dying. Look at me, I’m just a lousy pop star feeling sorry for myself here in a hospital bed I’d only been in for a few days, she’s probably been here for weeks, months or even years.


“How long have you been here?” she asked softly, a sweet smile on her pretty little face. I looked over to her, moving my sore head slightly.


“Three days, I already hate it.” I answered sounding rather sorry for myself.


“Aw three days is nothing!” they way she said it wasn’t mean, her voice was light and I could tell she was only joking about but really I knew I was the selfish one. She had her whole life ahead of her, couldn’t be any more than 18, yet here I was having had the time of my life, travelling the world doing the thing that I loved the most with my four closest friends, yet in the midst of things life was the most important thing to those who were located behind the very walls I was surrounded in. Whether it was those dying of cancer, or the mothers who were giving birth, life was the central theme of the world, and I might have just taken it for granted.


“Anything can happen in three days.” Harry piped up, he was sitting at my feet, just like he had done every day since I’d arrived. It was his posse, he’d do it when I lived with him and I think he’ll always continue doing it. I’m not going to go as far as saying I liked it, but it was a comfort in itself.


“Yeah, Jesus took three days to rise from the dead didn’t he?” I asked her, raising my eyebrows suddenly feeling like my old self again.


“Indeed he did.” She answered, I detected a small hint of sadness in her eyes maybe I’d gone too far with the Jesus thing?


“So, Annabelle you know a bit about us, so I think it’s fair to ask you to tell us about you.” I looked at Harry to back me up, and of course he did.


“Yeah, so what’s the 411?” he asked, sneaking a smile in my direction.


“I’m almost 18, there’s only me and my mum. I don’t really have many friends because when I was 13 I was taken out of regular school to cope with well this.” She pointed down to her body, but a smile was still firmly planted on her face.


“You don’t have your dad around?” Harry asked, although I knew he was just curious I still shot him a glare. Who asks someone that? No wait, who asks a dying girl that?


“No, he couldn’t handle the pressure of having kids. My Mum was pregnant with me when she was 16 so I guess he just wasn’t mature enough or something.” Oh right, when she said he couldn’t handle the pressure I assumed he’d left when she was diagnosed. I let out a sigh. When I’d asked her to tell us about her I never knew how depressing her life would seem.


“But it’s not all that bad, I love to draw, sometimes the nurses bring me blank books to fill, I’ve filled about four so far. You’d be surprised by how much spare time you’d have here.”


“That’s amazing, I don’t get any spare time and when I do I definately have no patience to draw.” I told her, and Harry snorted.


”Oh what was that for Harry?” I asked him, but I was smiling all the same.


“Nothing.” He answered rather innocently. “Just i can’t imagine you sitting down drawing for hours on end.” He chuckled to himself.


“I’m more of a mover and shaker than a hands-on kind of guy myself.” I explained to her, she was smiling so I knew she understood.


“I was actually in here when you were on the X-factor; I used to watch you all singing every week. I would have voted but I wasn’t allowed to use my phone.”


“Oh a Directioner then?” Harry asked her.


“Hey, I don’t have any labels but I definately knew who you were before I came into this room.”


“Or before I came into yours.” Harry added.


“That too.” She giggled, I couldn’t help but stare at her she had such an amazing laugh. I wasn’t sure whether it was the laugh itself that I enjoyed or if I was just impressed by the fact that she could still find joy in such a bad situation such as her life.


My phone started ringing right in the middle of my enjoyment. I checked the caller ID before answering; finally Liam was calling after Harry had promised the other day.


“How’s my favourite patient?” he said before I could answer.


“Liam, hey yeah I’m not too bad.”


“How’s the nurses been treating you?” he wanted to know. Harry and Annabelle were quiet, looking at me talking on the phone. If I wasn’t cooped up in a bed I probably would have walked into another bed so that they could continue talking.


“They’re really good, look Liam Harry walked into the wrong room and found this girl, who is now in my room having a bit of a chat, would you like to say hi?” I asked him, and Annabelle was hiding her face in her hands. I hadn’t purposely tried to embarrass her but hey what could I do now?


“Harry found a girl at a time like this?” he laughed, he didn’t quite understand the situation but I couldn’t really blame him. He wasn’t here to find this all out, he couldn’t be. In order to keep this all quiet Harry was the only one who could come and visit me. My family was still in Doncaster, and the boys were only allowed to call. The reason why Harry was able to come here was under the excuse of ‘Him visiting sick fans’ because let’s face it he’s the one who the press care about of course if he’s spotted here they’ll just assume he’s doing a good deed, so really it’s all just a bit of luck that he happens to be my best friend isn’t it?


“I’m putting you on speaker phone now Liam.” I told him and I switched it into speaker mode.


“Hi, it’s Liam. Who am I speaking too?” he said. Annabelle looked at Harry before speaking.


“Annabelle.” She said quietly.


“Sorry, did you just say Annabelle? It’s hard to hear on speaker.”


“Yeah, she’s Annabelle.” Harry told him.


“Nice to meet you Annabelle, I heard Harry accidentally” he coughed, “Walking into your room instead of Louis’?” he asked her, it wasn’t really a question but it sure as hell was funny.


When she could finally stop laughing she answered him. “Yeah something like that.” Harry’s cheeks started to turn a rather embarrassing pink colour which made me laugh even harder.


“Well I hope you’re looking after Louis, Harry not just picking up poor innocent girls.” He chuckled on the other end.


“He’s fine mate, he’s fine.” I assured him.

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