One Summer (One Direction)

Annabelle has never been in love, never had her first kiss, her mother has been all she's had for a very long time. Living inside a hospital room isn't exactly the greatest way to meet people. So what happens when she meets the one person that she never wants to forget, on the last summer of her life


4. Louis

I'd never really thought about death before, it always seemed so very far away like something that could never touch me. I'd never even thought about growing up. I mean obviously I have grown up a lot lately but there's a while between me and boring to go! 

My sleep was pretty weak, Harry had gone home after I had begged him to, he promised me one thousand times that he would return and I knew he meant it. Until then I was forced to indulge in eating the fruit platter that was arranged in front of me. 

"Fruit seriously? You want me to eat fruit?" I asked to nobody in particular, the nurses had left me here to eat in peace, which I was glad for. I wasn't exactly thrilled at the idea of being poked and prodded without Harry here. He was the only one who would put up with my constant whining and violent outbursts. He was there for me whenever I needed anything. I trusted him he was my best friend to every extent of the word best.

Just as I was thinking about the cheeky curly haired bugger, his bright eyed face appeared in my vision. It was only 8:30, so no wonder I was surprised to see him this early.

"Hey!" I exclaimed at the sight of him, but I couldn't contain my smile any longer, I was very glad to see him here.

"Liam said he'll call you later." He told me as he took a seat on the foot of my hospital bed.

"He'd better." I mustered, taking a mouthful of yogurt.

"Looks appetising." He motioned towards my breakfast which by the way looked like an advert from a heath magazine. 

"Hey leave the patient alone." I protested, giving him a boisterous glare. He began to chuckle causing me to feel a lot better.

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