One Summer (One Direction)

Annabelle has never been in love, never had her first kiss, her mother has been all she's had for a very long time. Living inside a hospital room isn't exactly the greatest way to meet people. So what happens when she meets the one person that she never wants to forget, on the last summer of her life


2. Louis



I have always hated hospitals, which is why It took so much effort to get here, Harry had to literally drag me out to the car in order to take me here. He’s still sitting beside me after all the trauma I’ve been through today; he truly was the best friend a lad could have. Taking my blood was the worst, but Harry still stood there holding my hand, paying attention to everything the doctor was telling us, when I couldn’t concentrate on anything else but what was going into my body.


“Lou, are you feeling any better?” he asked me, he was seated beside me on a chair next to the bed I was rested on. If he had any properly functioning eye balls you would think that he could tell that I looked like hell.


“No.” I grumpily muttered, instantly feeling bad for snapping at him. So I gave him a sneaky grin, just to show him that I was happy he was still here.


“You’ll be okay.” He whispered, looking into my eyes.


“I hope so.” Was all I could say, because really neither of us knew what was going to happen, who would have ever thought that I’d be here in this hospital bed, after being treated for leukaemia? It was absurd. None of my fans knew about this, only my family and the one direction crew knew about this treatment and I wanted it to stay that way. It wasn’t as if I was Harry, I didn’t have as many camera’s on me as he always had. I wasn’t the one that was the focus of crazy tabloid captions such as ‘Oh look Harry bought coffee with a mystery blonde today’ who flipping cared about Harry’s coffee habits anyway?


“What are you frowning at?” Harry interrupted my thoughts. I hadn’t realised that I’d been so wrapped up in my thoughts.


“Oh nothing, just wondering what’s going to happen if I don’t get better” I sounded really sad as I spoke those very words, his face dropped as he too started to think those thoughts.


“Stop that.” I frowned at him, he snapped out of it.


“Sorry.” He started to smile once more.


“You’re going to be fine, so stop with the negativity!” he exclaimed rather too loudly, causing me to laugh a little. He really did know how to make me feel better.


“Harry, will you come here and lay with me?” I asked expecting him to say no, but he didn’t without even a hint of hesitation he climbed onto my hospital bed and rested his head on the pillow beside me.










I could feel it coming up, feeling it rising in my throat, oh how it itched, and my entire body felt disgusting. There was only seconds before I could do anything about it, I reached over to the bedside table and just as I pulled the bucket over towards my mouth, everything exploded from inside me. I couldn’t bring myself to look down at what had happened. Why was this happening to me? Why did I feel so empty and hollow and squeamish?


“Baby, are you okay?” came the tired raspy voice of my strong minded mother.


“Yeah Mum sit down.” I instructed not wanting her to get up, this was routine by now, it happened pretty regularly she needn’t worry. But she always did anyway.


“Annabelle, don’t you ever give up. Don’t listen to the doctors you are a miracle child you hear me?” she asked looking directly into my eyes; I smiled and gave her a nod. She spoke with her heart but I knew more than she did. She could only see the outer layers of my illness; she could only see what was on paper. She couldn’t feel my body slowly deteriorating; she didn’t know what it was like to slowly die. I didn’t have the heart to tell her nor did I want to if I had.


“You should go and get something to eat.” I told her weakly, my voice wasn’t as strong as it used to be, she didn’t want to leave me I knew but she was going to have to sooner or later.


“I’ll just go to the vending machine right outside the room okay?” she asked as if she wanted some reassurance. I closed my eyes as she planted a soft kiss upon my forehead.


I even watched as she left the room.


The magazines she had brought for me were still sitting under my pillow, so I dug them up once more to read a few pages while I waited.


‘Harry Styles and mystery blonde go out for coffee.’ As soon as I read that caption I started to laugh, because really who cares about coffee dates? When there was probably a juicy celebrity marriage scandal going on in the next town? I shouldn’t really enjoy those marriage scandals as much as I do, but when your life is captured by the same four walls for most of your life you’re not likely to have ever had a taste of true love. I for once had never fallen in love, never had a boyfriend, and never been kissed. So I had no empathy to heartbreak, maybe just a touch of sympathy but really I had no idea what they were going through.


“Hey love, you feeling any better?” My mother asked as she came back into my room with a cup of coffee, I couldn’t help but smile at the coffee reference.


“Yeah I am.” I lied.

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