One Summer (One Direction)

Annabelle has never been in love, never had her first kiss, her mother has been all she's had for a very long time. Living inside a hospital room isn't exactly the greatest way to meet people. So what happens when she meets the one person that she never wants to forget, on the last summer of her life


10. Annabelle


We were having such a good time when one of the head nurses informed me that my mother had arrived. I don’t know how she knew I was here but she had. The probability of her assuming that I would be here because of Harry was high. What girl wouldn’t love to hang out with almost half of one direction when she had the chance to escape her pale white walled room of boredom.


“Oh wait, I’ll get a photo with you first.” Harry suggested to my delight. Although I wasn’t proud of my appearance having no hair, the thought of being in a photograph with Harry was extremely exciting. I made sure to cover my head with my favourite purple scarf. Louis took charge of the phone and started snapping a million photos of us before we had a chance to pose.


“Now say Louis is sexy.” He cheered and we both said those words between laughs.


“I have to go now.” I regrettably told the pair.


They looked disappointed but they knew how much my mother meant to me. Harry took hold of my hand and gave me a giant hug. I looked over to Louis who was staring at us.


“You want one too?” I asked joking, but he nodded his head.


I hugged him, but it was a bit awkward as I was standing beside the bed he was laid upon.


“See you guys around.” I said lightly, not knowing if I’d see them again.


“Oh wait, Annabelle. Do you mind if I put that pic on twitter? It’ll help give an explanation as to why I’m always here for the fans.” Harry asked and I smiled.


“Yeah go ahead.” On the outside I was calm, but on the inside I was holding back my squeals of excitement.






When I walked up to the door of my room I noticed it was open. It meant my mother was inside and most likely frantically worried.


“Mum?” I asked and she looked up from the book she was reading, she was seated at her usual perch beside of my bed although usually I wasn’t watching from this angle.


“Hey sweetie.” Was all she said, she wasn’t angry nor harsh, she was quite normal.


“Hi, sorry I went to see Harry and Louis.” I explained although she didn’t even know who they were.


“Oh those boys from the band?” she asked grinning from ear to ear.


“Yeah, Mum are you alright?” I asked awkwardly. I took a seat on my warm hospital bed and waited for her reply.


“Yeah I’m fine, why?”


“You seem different.”


“Me? No I’m fine.”


“Okay cool.”


“So how’s that boy?” she asked.


“Which one mum?” I started to blush, we had never really had a boy talk as I’d never been in a situation to need one. I was kind of hoping she wasn’t going to start now.


“That Direction boy.”


“Oh Harry and Louis?”


“There’s two of them?” she frowned.


“Yeah, you can’t tell anyone but Harry has been visiting Louis. He’s the one in treatment!” I whispered.


“Oh who would I tell?”


“Mum, I’m serious please don’t say a word.”


“I won’t, I won’t!” she assured me and started to giggle.


I took her phone from her and logged into twitter, I saw that everyone was tweeting Harry which wasn’t unusual.


That’s when I noticed the picture. There I was standing next to one of the hottest boys on the planet, and boy did I look hideous. It didn’t matter though because the caption made me smile.


“Visiting my girl Annabelle! #StayStongBelle #YouCanBeatthis”


The comments were plenty, most of them were nice comments showing their support for my illness but then there were those not so nice comments that made my empty stomach shrivel up at the sight of them.


“She should just hurry up and die! Look at her hair LOL”


“Don’t waste your time on her Harry, she’s going to die soon anyway! I’ll look after you ;)”


How could people be so horrible? I wasn’t even dating him! I didn’t respond back, instead I logged straight off and started to cry.


“Baby, what’s wrong?” Mum started. “Does something hurt?”


I shook my head the tears began to fall down my stupid face. Maybe I should just die? It’s not like Louis and Harry would be interested in me if I wasn’t sick anyway.

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